Wovegi Bamboo Charcoal Cloth Diaper | With 1 PC Bamboo Charcoal Insert

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Karla G.
Beautiful, durable, and soft.

Beautiful prints, durable, soft, easy to use, doesn't leak and a great price. I love these cloth diapers and I highly recommend them. Keeps my baby dry, and when she poops in them they don't stain and wash out easily.

Also works great for overnight. Add an extra pad and your baby won't wake up because of the diaper. My baby is super sensitive to being wet and would wake up everytime she peed in a disposable diaper, but with these she sleeps well in them all night.

Don't put the microfiber pad against your baby skin, put it in the pocket. The fleece wicks away the moisture and the microfiber pad absorbs it, also microfiber against the skin doesn't feel nice.

Randall S.
Love them!

I'm new to this cloth diapering thing and these diapers are working out fabulously! I have had NO LEAKS with these diapers. I've even been using the inserts that came with them during the day. The inserts that come with the diapers are NOT NIGHTTIME inserts. I purchased 5 layer inserts to use at night and have had no leaks at bedtime either. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that even when he has a massive poop, which normally explodes out of disposables, it all stays within the liner. I definitely will be buying more.

Mae P.
Great so far!!

So far so good! We're new to cloth diapering, but I have been loving these diapers. We have had these diapers for a couple of months and have not had one leak or blowout since switching over from disposables. These were our first set of diapers since we were not sure if we were going to stick with cloth. We have washed them nearly each day, and the elastics are still in great shape. We did end up purchasing some bamboo liners, and I definitely prefer them to the microfiber inserts that come with the diapers. I'm not an expert, but I do think these are worth looking into if you're thinking about cloth diapering.

Rose H.
Great quality, adorable prints, work well!

This is my first time cloth diapering so I can not compare it to any other brands/styles. With that being said: I really like these! They fit my 19lb., very chunky thighs, 4 month old very well; they do not leak (I have not tried them at night though) and my baby seems very comfortable and happy in them. He's got a lot of room to grow into them, which is very nice. I think the bamboo inserts hold a bit more but the Microfiber isn't bad. I have washed them all about 4 times now and they still look, feel and smell brand new. They appear to be of very good quality and for the price I am quite shocked! :) I am very pleased with these and will definitely consider more. They are a bit bulky, but from what I understand all cloth diapers are. It took me a few times to find the right fit for my little guy but once I got that down, it's been smooth sailing ever since. The adorable prints on these are just an added bonus! I want to collect them all! Compared to disposables these are top notch!

Mark W.
Pretty impressed!!

Though I have nothing to compare these to, as this is my first time cloth diapering, I am pretty impressed with these! The fabrics are beautifully vibrant (little girl) and of excellent quality, and fit well once you find snap placements that work for your little one (mine is little! Had a bit of trouble getting the legs to fit snuggly at first- she's got mommy's chicken legs! But it worked out in the end!) Also, make SURE you wash these before applying to the baby. I accidentally put one on my daughter before washing, and she got a pretty decent diaper rash...though it went away in a day. The inserts are nice and thick, though I wish I'd known that only 4 of the inserts would be bamboo. The other 6 are microfiber - which is why this only got 4 stars instead of 5.

Jamaica G.
Cute little fluffs

Love these! They are nearly identical to my other nappies! Soft, silly PUL and soft, easy to clean wicking layer. ( micro suede?) anyways, only have leaks if a onesie is tight and gets pulled Into the leg opening and draws out pee. These are amazing at holding in blowouts!!! My 6 mo old was exclusively breast fed until this week, we are now starting solids.... so even 6mo old blowouts are no match for these cloth diapers! ❤️ Great value and I wash and dry them with no issues! And I love the prints ! I also use these with prefolds and have no issues. The liners work great too! I often just pair a cute T-shirt with these for fun summer "outfits" ha ha!

Heidi S.
Great for newbies!

These diapers are great and as a first time mom I was intimidated by cloth diapering. After using these I highly recommend them. They have hip snaps that a lot of other generic brands (eBay) don't have. In the beginning we had some leaks because I did not tighten the leg holes enough. To other new users: Leg holes need to be snug on the underwear line and you should see no gaps but not so tight you can't get a finger under them, they will leave red marks and that is okay as long as the baby appears comfortable. They wash easy with homemade laundry soap and though I like the bamboo liners better, the microfiber ones work great too. Also the designs are super cute and the price is awesome!

Mariano B.
Beautiful, functional

Beautiful, functional, quality diapers, no leaks, easy to clean seem to be very comfortable to wear - my 6 month old is sleeping better, seems very content and looks so darn cute in them; Not to mention it keeps his berries nice and cool :)
I also use homemade (cut) fleece liners, to keep diapers stain-free, and it worked so well!
Love it!

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