Wovegi Bamboo Charcoal Cloth Diaper | With 2 PCS Bamboo Charcoal Insert

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Therese W.
Definitely get your bang for your buck!

Wow! For the price of these cloth diapers I must say that they are such a wonderful quality! Plus you're not spending hundreds of dollars on the bigger named brands. They are absorbent, VERY soft and they fit both my infant and 2 year old. They have different snaps located in different places to adjust to your growing baby. I don't place the insert inside of the diaper's little pocket, but place it on the outside. This saves time and headaches trying to squeeze the pad into the small opening. They do need to be changed more frequently, but the amount of money that you save on disposable diapers is amazing! I have to be honest though and say that it can be quite yucky at times to change these, so I really would suggest getting a sprayer that connects to your toilet. We do use these in addition to disposable diapers just because when you have two children under two life gets hectic.

Allan W.
Our favorites!

We've been using the Wovegi diapers now for a few weeks and so far really like them! A friend recommended the Green Mountain prefolds, but those seemed to give my three-month-old a pretty gnarly rash even when changed immediately. These diapers, however, have been best for her since they keep the bulk of the wetness away from her bottom and they don't leak. We started off with only six diapers, they have already been washed many times and still appear pretty new. There is slight pilling but nothing drastic. I'm not sure how they will hold up overnight, as we are still using up the disposables from the baby shower at nighttime.

Sheena R.
I wash every other day and they're still in near perfect condition.

Going on our 13th month of using these. I wash every other day and they're still in near perfect condition. They work extremely well with hardly ever leaks(if you change your kid on time). I love the extras that come in these packages. The wet bags work amazing and the inserts even better. The bamboo inserts work fantastic for heavy wetters. I recommend this package to all moms looking to start cloth diapering on a budget. The fit has been wonderful since 9 lbs all the way to 21 lbs. we are still in the middle rise setting and have plenty of space on the flaps to grow. I have hundreds of pictures of my little girl in them because they're all so cute! But here are just a few.

Nadine C.
Cute patterns and seem comfortable

Cute patterns and seem comfortable. We get pee leaks sometimes but we are new to cloth diapering (started 2mo ago with our now 6mo old) so maybe just our inexperience. We have 2 other brands (Wovegi and no name) and they all work about the same. No #2 leaks with any of them :)

Millicent A.
Love them

We have tons of brands of cloth diapers, from the cheapest possible to some quite expensive ones, and these are some of my favorites! They just fit my baby so well. Obviously that will vary from baby to baby, my girl has such chunky thighs that the layout of leg snaps and tummy snaps on these just works perfectly for us. I believe they are rebranded though I could be mistaken, but they have the exact same cut & snap layout, and Alva are our other faves. The microfiber (MF) inserts lasted ok for us until my daughter started spending most of her time sitting up, then the compression leaks got out of hand so we bought better inserts from somewhere else, but that’s a common issue with all MF, not just these. Also be aware MF cannot touch the baby at all, as it will suck the moisture right out of their skin. Would purchase again.

Angel J.
Super cute!

So they came in pretty quick! I have already washed them in warm water with 1/4 cup of bleach and ran it through 2 extra rinses. I hung them to dry and threw them in the dryer on the coolest setting for 20 minutes just to finish it up real fast.
It's something to get used to, to get the liners in the pockets for a first timer but still pretty easy. I didn't give it 5 stars because I don't know how it does on babies but when we figure that out, I'll update.

Roland R.
and I can't say enough how much we love these diapers

This was our first go at cloth diapering, and I can't say enough how much we love these diapers. They work great, and are adorable. We've since purchased more. I highly recommend them. I did purchase separate charcoal bamboo inserts to use with them based on many negative reviews about the microfiber inserts, and they work great too. We use the microfiber inserts during the day and I'll double stuff bamboo one at night to be sure.

Jerry H.
Best diapers leak free too.

Great brand we have never leaked going on 5 months with this brand . Wovegi is my fav diaper now. Cheap and work well. I hang dry all my stuff and wash with tide free and clear. I've used bumgenius and other top brands and these are the same thing but less money !

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