Silica Eco-Friendly Cloth Diaper, Adjustable & Washable Nappies with 8Pcs Microfiber Inserts

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Amor P.
Super absorbent and easy to use

I tried these out on a trial basis as I'm new to cloth diapering. I hadn't intended to cloth diaper but my son was blowing through disposables so fast and leaking so often I figured if I'm washing laundry every couple of days anyway I might as well try it. I tried these on a trial basis since they were the cheapest with the best reviews. I bought my second set by the end of the 1st week. These seem like great quality so far and are quite easy to use (though it took some finagling to finally get it 100%). These diapers with the inserts are ridiculously absorbent. They really trap everything, especially the poop. I haven't had any blow outs since we started using them. We have only had occasional pee leaks overnight, but that's only been when he has peed an exceptional amount/slept especially long. I'm really in love with these. My baby seems to like them too, as he doesn't get fussy as soon as he pees or poops (which is kind of a down side because sometimes you don't notice he's pooped, they block the smell well too) where as the disposables he was almost instantly annoyed when his diaper was wet. I intend to buy some for my cousin's baby who is due soon. I think these are great for transitioning to cloth

Travis B.
Best cloth diapers deal with no regrets!

Really love these diapers! Washed once with several extra rinses before first use. This is our first cloth diapering experience and I have some other all-in-one diapers I got used to before I tried these. The one thing I have learned is that you just need to make sure the insert is completely flat on the inside or you may have a leak. Other than that the absorbency is fantastic and they wash well and look adorable. The snaps helped us get the perfect fit. My favorite part though is probably the price. For brand new cloth diapers you can not find a better deal. And the fact that they come with double the amount of inserts is also a win!

Jacky M.
Wash these instead of your sheets every morning...!

My daughter pees a lot at night and we were needing to wash the sheets almost nightly because she was soaking through the night time disposable diapers. We put one of these on top of the disposable and now we are able to just wash these instead of all of the bedding each morning. Perfect fix! Great price and quick shipment!

Penelope C.
I'm picky about diapers, and I LOVE these.

I love cloth diapers.I just didn't start out with them because working at a daycare, I know how awful and frustrating some brands can be.
But I decided that I was tired of paying ridiculous amounts of money for mere convenience, and researched.

These are affordable, cute, and most importantly to me, THEY FOLD UP AND SNAP IN PLACE.
I don't have to worry about opening my diaper bag to use completely disassembled diapers and liners strewn about.
After a change, I can fold up the soiled diaper, and snap it in place to clean up for later when I get home--no risk of having it unfold and soiling everything else.

Cynthia W.
So cute!

These diapers are REALLY cute! These were an introduction to cloth diapering for my grandson. The liner that comes with is good for light wetters but needs to be doubled for heavy wetters. My grandson is in the middle setting and it works perfectly for my chubby guy.

Lucy J.
Work Great! No Leakage!

These were for my grandson and my daughter loves them! I had bought her a different set initially and she said these were far better. They work much better at night than the others did. Absolutely no leakage. Also as the previous reviews indicated the bag that came with them was terrific. I ordered her another set immediately. Great purchase

Olivia C.
Awesome Diapers

These are great. I see a lot of reviews asking about these being as good as branded Baby diapers and I think they are way better. I bought some inserts from the brand Naturally Nature, and they are a lot thicker and bulkier yet the thin Anma baby inserts that came with these diapers seem to absorb a lot better and are slimmer/more comfortable. I would definitely recommend these if you're wanting to try out cloth diapering. The wet bag that comes with is super cute and convenient.

Chad j.
Affordable and sturdy

I have many Silica pocket diapers and love them! They fit my son so well. These were the first cloth diapers I ever bought and they are my favorite. I have only had them a couple months but they have not been a disappointment! Only thing I did is upgrade the inserts since my son is a heavy wetter, the microfiber inserts just don’t cut it for him. You can totally use the microfiber inserts around the house to dust and stuff if you choose to. The diapers arrived speedily and packaged nicely. They came with cleaning instructions which was nice since they were my first diaper purchase. The green diaper is actually a pretty bright yellow-green, I like it.

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Silica Eco-Friendly Cloth Diaper, Adjustable & Washable Nappies with 8Pcs Microfiber Inserts