Silica Eco-Friendly Cloth Diaper, Adjustable, Washable & Reusable Nappies

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Kendra K.
Excellent starter pack

We committed to cloth diapers with our first kid back in 2016 and planned on reusing the stash for our second. We went with the flip system the first go round, and we’re pleased with ease of use... but when we were gearing up for the arrival of our second some of the shells had not fared as well over time and because we had a bigger household I wanted to be able to last longer between wash days. The flip system is great, but expensive to start. For the cost of 2 shells I figured this was worth a go, and have been very pleased. They absorb as well and are as leak resistant as the flip (cloth just holds less liquid generally so keep that in mind when calculating how many you need) and as easy to use... arguably easier as you don’t have to keep the insert in place with a squirmy little. They do run a touch bigger so we had a week or two before my daughter fit them, but not more than that. 5 months in the quality is still going strong.

Russel B.
My favorite cloth diapers!

My son is about 10 lbs. Needs the small size setting and works like a dream! No blow outs so far and his diaper rash is significantly reduced and almost gone. Been using for about 4 days. Keeps him much dryer. Poop color will go through the diaper shell into the liner inside. Highly recommend a "diaper shower" before washing in a machine. (I have one of the sprayers that connect to the toilet and a splash shield to rinse off poop before I put them in my wet/dry bag. All colors and odors come out in the wash. I use sun triple clean free and clear). Love the adjustability of these diapers.

Chris M.
Love these diapers

Overall I am pleased with this product. I am using diapers for my 7month old son. He wet right through the diaper with the first use, but since I started using 2 liners instead of 1, I haven’t had any issues or leaks

Elsa R.
Well made and a steal for the price!

I really like these diapers! I wasn't too fond of the pocket style, just because I wanted to be able to just change out the pad, but continue to use the cover, but it's not that big of a deal to wash the whole thing after every use. We've had them for about a week now and while my baby has had some extreme bathroom situations, we haven't had a blowout out any pee down the legs/up the front. The pads are absorbent and the material is easy to clean. I just throw them in our wash and tumble dry on low and so far, they've been really useful. We've used them as swim diapers now, too, and they've held up well so far. The colors are bright and cheery, so we'll definitely be ordering more of these.

Claudia G.
Very soft diapers.

One of the diapers was a little smaller than the others.
My son isn't big but they were a bit tight around the legs after only wearing them a few months. He grew out of them quickly but they were great when we used them!

Marivic L.
High quality

Very soft and absorbent. Easier to use than prefolds. This is the only way to get my hubby on board to switch from disposable to cloth diapers. We still use disposable items during the night. But I am thinking with two inserts, we can have enough absorbency for the night.
The price is great! Quality is great. I strongly recommend Silica.

Vico C.
Very nice diaper

New grandma here and I was a cloth diaper user with my kids many moons ago. Bring full time daycare to the baby I could not bring myself to use disposable diapers. These seemed interesting so I tried them.I Love these and figured if every new parent tried them they would convert from disposable diapers. Easy and the ability to insert an extra pad if needed. Easy to wash and dry. I use a liner so if it’s a poo I just drop liner in trash and it’s ready to wash at the end of day.

Toni B.
No leaks!

I am very impressed with these cloth diapers. I wasn’t expecting too much given the price, but they are fantastic! The outer fabric is soft and kind of stretchy. The inner fabric is soft and so far is holding up well to daily washing. The snaps seem very strong and like they will last. Most importantly, no leaks!

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