Awry 4-Pack Washable Eco-Friendly Cloth Diaper, Adjustable & Reusable Nappy

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Penelope C.
Beautiful, durable, and soft.

Beautiful prints, durable, soft, easy to use, doesn't leak and a great price. I love these cloth diapers and I highly recommend them. Keeps my baby dry, and when she poops in them they don't stain and wash out easily.

Also works great for overnight. Add an extra pad and your baby won't wake up because of the diaper. My baby is super sensitive to being wet and would wake up every time she peed in a disposable diaper, but with these she sleeps well in them all night.

Don't put the microfiber pad against your baby skin, put it in the pocket. The fleece wicks away the moisture and the microfiber pad absorbs it, also microfiber against the skin doesn't feel nice.

Lucy J.
Love the prints! These are good, just a few suggestions.

I love the prints. These cloth diapers are just adorable and the prices are a bonus. I was a bit skeptical at first because of the price. I've seen some very expensive cloth diapers and decided to take my chances with a more affordable option. I did a pre wash and then proceeded to start using it on my baby girl. She has been having blowouts lately with disposables so I was expecting that with these too. Surprisingly in the week I had these she has not had any! The only downside is I noticed that she has been having leaks (just pee) for the first few washes. After about the third wash the inserts seem to be holding up more. So it seems time is the factor in the absorbency department. Another thing you can do is layer up by adding another insert, but it is so bulky. I noticed that these inserts are a little on the short side too. It would be nice if there were at least 2 inches longer so they can fit the whole diaper. Overall I'm really liking this. It's not as hard as I thought. I ended up purchasing two packs. The first came with a free wet/dry back and this one came with 4 free bamboo liners which are pretty soft.

*This is my first time cloth diapering so I don't have much comparison between other brands.

Olivia C.
Great quality, adorable prints, work well!

This is my first time cloth diapering so I can not compare it to any other brands/styles. With that being said: I really like these! They fit my 19lb., very chunky thighs, 4 month old very well; they do not leak (I have not tried them at night though) and my baby seems very comfortable and happy in them. He's got a lot of room to grow into them, which is very nice. I think the bamboo inserts hold a bit more but the Microfiber isn't bad. I have washed them all about 4 times now and they still look, feel and smell brand new. They appear to be of very good quality and for the price I am quite shocked! :) I am very pleased with these and will definitely consider more. They are a bit bulky, but from what I understand all cloth diapers are. It took me a few times to find the right fit for my little guy but once I got that down, it's been smooth sailing ever since. The adorable prints on these are just an added bonus! I want to collect them all! Compared to disposables these are top notch!

Cherry S.
Cute & Affordable!

I am somewhat new to cloth diapering but am quickly being converted. I had originally purchased one set of these diapers just to have on hand for backup. I didn't use them at all for the first three months since we had been given so many diapers and they just looked so big for a newborn. However, once we started buying our own I decided to try the cloth diapers to help stretch my big box of disposables between monthly shipments. In the process I discovered several things.
1. Cloth diapering was actually quite easy and the colorful prints make changing diapers just a little more fun.
2. Six cloth diapers is not nearly enough if you actually want to use them with any regularity!
3. Something about watching my newly laundered diapers disappear so quickly made me realize just how many disposable diapers we were going through, and therefore how much trash we were creating and money we were literally throwing away.
My experiment in cloth diapering has convicted me enough that I use my cloth diapers while at home all the time now (though we still use disposables for overnight and while out and about). I have purchased several more diapers to add to my supply and am slowly trying different brands as I have the opportunity. I purchased my second set of Awry diapers as well as a few other brands and inserts to try, but still find myself reaching for these most of the time. I love that I can use these until my baby is potty-trained and feel like the investment is well worth it considering the money we'll save in the long run. (Not to mention the reduced chemical exposure that switching to cloth affords!) All in all, I definitely recommend these diapers as an affordable way to get started cloth diapering or to help bulk up your diaper stash!

Jasmin C.
Great for newbies!

These diapers are great and as a first time mom I was intimidated by cloth diapering. After using these I highly recommend them. They have hip snaps that a lot of other generic brands don't have. In the beginning we had some leaks because I did not tighten the leg holes enough. To other new users: Leg holes need to be snug on the underwear line and you should see no gaps but not so tight you can't get a finger under them, they will leave red marks and that is okay as long as the baby appears comfortable. They wash easy with homemade laundry soap and though I like the bamboo liners better, the microfiber ones work great too. Also the designs are super cute and the price is awesome!

Cynthia W.
Love them!

I'm new to this cloth diapering thing and these diapers are working out fabulously! I have had NO LEAKS with these diapers. I've even been using the inserts that came with them during the day. The inserts that come with the diapers are NOT NIGHTTIME inserts. I purchased 5 layer inserts to use at night and have had no leaks at bedtime either. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that even when he has a massive poop, which normally explodes out of disposables, it all stays within the liner. I definitely will be buying more.

Amor P.
Good starter set

We've been using these diapers for a couple of weeks now. They were among the first sets that we purchased when we transitioned to cloth diapering. So far we have no complaints. They get washed every other day and hung up to air dry. As other reviewers stated, the included inserts are pretty useless. Microfiber is prone to compression leaks and in my experience is not able to hold up more than a couple of hours. If you must use them, pair them with another type of insert or even fold it inside a prefold where it will be much more useful. The prints in the set we ordered were fun. I'd say 2 were pretty girly and the other 4 more gender neutral which was fine by us. The bonus wipes were a nice addition and get used pretty regularly as well. All in all a good set to try if you are new to cloth diapering and don't have a lot of money to get started.

Veron L.
Cute little fluffs

Love these! They are nearly identical to my other cloth diapers! Soft, silly PUL and soft, easy to clean wicking layer. ( micro suede?) anyways, only have leaks if a onesie is tight and gets pulled Into the leg opening and draws out pee. These are amazing at holding in blowouts!!! My 6 mo old was exclusively breast fed until this week, we are now starting solids.... so even 6mo old blowouts are no match for these cloth diapers! ❤️ Great value and I wash and dry them with no issues! And I love the prints ! I also use these with prefolds and have no issues. The liners work great too! I often just pair a cute T-shirt with these for fun summer "outfits" ha ha!

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