Grapevine Plastic Curry Comb with Strap Horse Grooming Tool | Tail Comb Massage Brush | Random Color



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Van H.M.
Great product for the intended use

We usually buy several when we buy. Hard to find in the local feed store. Great product for the intended use. I suspect, if your in a fancy barn you would want a higher quality comb. For us they get eaten by the dog. Buried in horse dung, lost in the pasture. Cheap and a perfect product for our intended family farm.

Heidi S.
The Most Useful Curry Ever Made !

I have used only this type of curry comb for decades. I had 10 plus horses at all times and never used metal curry's. These last a long time (forever), unless my Boxer eats them ! They can also be used on manes and tails and combined with a soft Dandy brush are all a Horse Person really need for general grooming. They are humane and very friendly to any horses skin. The adjustable handle allows customization for anyones's hand and that is about it, an affordable, kind, easy to clean all around brush .

Janno H.
just what I wanted

Needed to replace old plastic curry, couldn't find one locally, so was pleased to find this. It was just what I wanted.

Simon H.
Guinea Pig Bedding Cleaner

Works great to get hay and wood shavings off of my guinea pig towel bedding.

Jerson C.
Prefered Item

This is my wife's favorite. She's been a horseman for decades and will only use this comb. Has a good grip, strong tines, and is highly durable. It's a good value and highly recommended.

Bill C.
i love it

perfect-just like i've used when I was a kid and now you don't see them that often! These are so good at both currying and grooming manes and tails too!

Mark W.
Multi purpose

I used these when I was a kid. I always wondered if I would have a chance to buy another. When I saw this, I bought two. It breaks up mud stuck to hair, Handles shedding winter coats. You do have to clean it, which is easy. Just tap it on a hard surface.

Jamaica G.
Best curry comb

I misplaced the same curry comb and was frustrated until this one arrived. Out of all the groom tools I have for my horse this is my favorite. It picks up loose hair and gets out loose dirt. I easily clean it by using a hoof pick to scratch out the loose hair. Wouldn't do without one.

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Grapevine Plastic Curry Comb with Strap Horse Grooming Tool | Tail Comb Massage Brush | Random Color