PluggScrew Adjustable Hose Nozzle Spray for Garden, Lawn & Car Washing



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Erick S.
This is perfect for my needs.

This is perfect for my needs. Have a large lawn with 4 planting gardens. The nozzle can shoot 20' on long stream and spray handles up close / more fragile plantings. Also, use on deck with planter boxes. Used all summer and gardens were fine (but couldn't keep up with lawn completely due to drought/water restrictions!)
Used all summer till I ran over it with a lawnmower, so I just got another one.
I'm using a standard hose outside the faucet with about 100 ft. of hose with no problems.

Chenny P.
This thing spray great

Wow, this thing sprays great!! I own a rental house and my last renter was a Phoenix fireman. He left it there for me and I was amazed how strong the flow is. I bought another for my house. Get this and you will be amazed. The price is great so go ahead and purchase one. If it’s good enough for a fireman of a major city its good enough for your house.

Aurora S.
works great

The nozzle shoots a good stream increased the distance 50% over my old cheap nozzle the fact it shuts off and on at the stream end of its adjustability is the only drawback you have to watch where you point it when you open it up or shut it. I have good volume through my hose bib and contractor type hose and this allows me to use the volume. I water shrubs and etc. faster with this and it works well to squirt mud etc. of the toys. If you buy it with the thought, it will somehow be equal to a gas or electric-powered high-pressure pump type pressure washer it won’t unless you feed it with a fire hydrant to get the volume. If you have realistic goals it should meet them and at a great price.

Arrah G.
Good high pressure nozzle

Nice nozzle with a long & strong spray on high. Sometimes at a lower setting, it decides to suddenly jump up to a stronger spray. Kind of annoying when you're watering potted plants & it sends wet soil flying around. Otherwise, a good product.

Colbert S.
Perfect nozzle if you have good pressure and a good hose

Usually don't care much about products to write reviews but this nozzle works great and I find it strange so many people are upset about it. I use it with a 1" hose and it's very nice. Maybe with a smaller diameter hose does not perform the same, don't know, but in my case, I am gladly surprised. Using it for gardening is easy. I'll buy a second one this week.

Art W.
This thing is awesome!!

Built very durable, used it a lot first two days washing off plow trucks. Blasts caked mud and dirt off no problem. I am very pleased with this purchase and will be buying more down the road for sure.

Gabriel R.
The best nozzle I've used in my 13 years in the profession

I'm a pet groomer and this is the best nozzle I've used in my 13 years in the profession. It was recommended by another groomer who uses hers every day and it lasts longer than any other nozzle. A thorough bath is necessary for a healthy coat and a great haircut. I'm able to bath a Yorkie or a Husky by easily adjusting the water pressure. Any product that will make our job easier is welcome.

Jayson T.
Great nozzle

Works great for watering the garden without making your hand tired trying to get the right spray pattern, unlike the squeeze types. Some people were disappointed that it didn't put out pressure like a fire hose nozzle. We have pumps on the fire engines that we control the output pressure with. If you want to pressure wash something, you're going to have to invest in a pressure washer.

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