Fashly 1-Pair Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask | Natural Exfoliator for Dry Dead Skin and Callus



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Cynthia W.
It Works!!!

This is by far the best foot peel I’ve ever used! I’ve ordered this product at least 3 times and it does perfectly every time! I️ have really callused heels and this takes away all the dead skin and makes them nice and smooth! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Definitely would recommend this product

Lucy J.
This Product REALLY works!!

I have used other products before but this one is absolutely amazing and effective so I will definitely be sticking to it. I love the way it left my feet now. My heels were so cracked and ugly. Since I used this product they feel amazing and soft. I neglected my feet so badly to begin with that I seriously doubted this would do much...but I was completely surprised and satisfied in the end!

Olivia C.
Looks so gross, feels so good!

Tonight was day 4 after using this foot peel. I took a 15 minute bath, and my feet looked soooo gross when I got out.... but the skin just came right off, and now my feet feel phenomenal. They’re super soft and look great. I would definitely use this again!

Cherry S.
Does work but not completely effective if heels are hardened

I had my doubt when I purchased this product. Was it really going to make my feet soft again. I had cracked and hardened heels for years. They got to the point where they would start bleeding.

The product was easy to use, following instructions on the box. And like it said, within days after using the booties with the solution inside, my son started flaking off at first. Then huge chunks came off. It worked better when soaking in warm water for a few minutes.

Overall, they helped improve my heels a lot but didn't get rid of all my hardened and cracked heels. I'll have to use the products several more times for my desired results. Will purchase again.

Jasmin C.
Love these masks!

I use these foot masks a couple times a year, usually once in early winter and once in mid-late spring. Before my first mask my feet were so calluses and dry. Now they are always consistently callus free and I rarely even put lotion on them.
Definitely follow the directions as far as soaking and moisturizing during the mask to get the best results. My husband has used the masks twice. The first time he didn’t soak or moisturize and he didn’t get the full benefits. The second time he did and couldn’t believe the difference. Love these and will definitely be buying again for flip flop weather!

Bella B.
Baby Soft Feet

I finally got around to using this product and overall I like the end results. It took about 4 days before my feet started to peel off the dead skin after soaking them daily. I will say though that I had a few callous areas on my feet before hand that still felt a bit rough but I'm thinking after I try it again in a few months it will take care of those spots to my liking. The rest of my feet was really soft and smooth after all the peeling stopped. Actually they feel softer than when I get a pedicure. I would recommend this product if you have the patience and want baby soft feet.

Kelly H.
Excellent! But those with SEVERE eczema should avoid applying the excess product to their skin.

My highlight reel:

-The price and quality of this mask made this an absolute steal.

-The formula achieved the exact peeling effect I was hoping for! My dead skin came off in large thin sheets that were super satisfying to peel.

-The peeling process is super short! Once the peeling started it took less than 36 hours to finish!

-WARNING: Just a cautionary word of advice for those who suffer from severe eczema as I do, please take care to keep the formula on the sole & pads of your feet. I was thoughtlessly thorough in my application-going so far as to rub the formula into the tops of my feet- and of course, my thin, sensitive, and un-calloused skin broke out in sores that were bright red and very it itchy. This however was not an issue upon my second use of the product as I took the time necessary to apply the mask carefully.

Overall, sensitive skin or not, I highly recommend this foot mask. Just be careful when applying and be sure to soak according to the package instructions for optimal peeling!

Sabrina P.
First time having soft feet

I never knew this kind of product existed until I saw it featured and decided to take the opportunity to pamper myself! My feet have always been cracked and dry. I never wore sandals because I was too embarrassed. This foot peel is amazing and totally worth the price. My feet are so soft that I can’t believe it is my own feet.

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