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Jerson C.
Perfect for Cichlids

These plants are perfect for my Cichlid tank! Cichlids love to move around the gravel to make a place to hang out. Other plants that have bases that needed to be covered were constantly being uncovered and moved around. These are great because they stay in place with out the base planted in the gravel and look great sitting on top . They also can be easily rearranged. I replaced all of my plants with Bio-Orb plants after purchasing these.

Bill C.
unique in every form

i am really pleased with my purchase these silk plants stand out and will make your aquarium stand out more especially when your looking for quality i highly recommend these sulk plants they are easy to clean and they do not fade will last you a very long time i will definitely buy again do not pass these silk plants up by the way i was not paid for my review i am just a happy customer that is in appreciation of a very good and exceptional product buy these silk plants you will not be disappointed

Mark W.
Best quality silk aquarium plant I've found

My betta keeps snagging his fins on plants and decorations. Why are all aquarium decorations so sharp? These are the only soft silk plants I've been able to find without major sharp plastic pieces. My betta loves to hide among the large leaves - these are a big hit. Even with these being seemingly the least sharp aquarium plants on the market, there were still a few potentially sharp areas I fixed. There was little pokey plastic greenery around the bottom, but I trimmed that off. The stems themselves are plastic and have a few sharp snags, but I filed the sharp spots down with sandpaper. After those changes they're perfect - no fin damage after many weeks of use. I only wish the manufacturer offered more options of plant types and colors with these nice broad silk leaves. Many of their other plant offerings have plastic leaves or lots of sharp areas. They have a small version of these same broad-leaf plants, which I also tried to order, but it's out of stock and has been backordered indefinitely.

Janno H.

I've had these for about a week, so I can't speak for durability. But, so far these are excellent plastic plants. I have 3 small plants in my betta tank. They are a soft plastic so I don't worry about his fins, and he loves weaving through them. I also have an assortment of different sizes and plants in my goldfish tank, and they are all just as lovely. The colors of each plant are vivid. The medium sized green and purple silk plants sway in the water current, and I've never had a silk plant so soft it actually did that. These were certainly expensive but, if they hold up, I definitely think they are worth it!

Van H.M.
After many trial/error with silk plants… these are absolutely PERFECT!!!

I ordered these plants for some of my betta fish living in 10 gallon tanks. Both plants are actual silk, not just a softer plastic like many aquarium decorations advertising themselves as silk plants are. Immediately after receiving these I saw how vibrant and beautiful they were, it really brightened up my tanks and made them look breath taking. Betta fish are extremely delicate and need to have silk plants, one of my betas snapped his tail in half on something advertised as a "silk plant"… he made it, but it was still a big eye opener. These are so soft and even the stems attached to the weights are extremely soft and wouldn't never damage anything on a any fish. If you really want a quality plant, this is great. The price is also quite affordable, you get two fairly sized plants for 13 dollars, which is great compared to buying a crappy 4 dollar single plant, you get what you pay for and this is quality. I am an extremely picky person and would rarely ever give a product 5 stars, so this is seriously the real deal. I recommend it to all beta fish enthusiasts and for guppies especially, but these work for ANY fish. :)

Simon H.
My favorite artificial plants

I am really pleased with the look and quality of these fake aquarium plants. Even though they are not silk, these are still 100% soft and pliable enough to have in my betta tanks; they do not harm their fins at all. My bettas even love hiding and resting in these plants. I like that they are easy to clean (so much easier than silk) and they do honestly look pretty nice in the tank. I think most fake plants look pretty awful and tacky, especially the very cheap ones.. so I normally only do live plants in most of my tanks, but these are good enough to pass. I just wish they were a little cheaper, but then again you are getting a better quality with these than you are with others that may be half the price.

Jamaica G.
Perfect for my Betta Fish!

I love these plants! I ordered these before I got my fish. I did my research and I discovered that silk plants are better then plastic. They are soft and won’t rip or damage your Betta’s fin. The green plant is smaller just like the picture shows. Colors are also true to the picture, very vibrant and bright. They look great in my 3 gallon tank and my fish (who I named Marvin) loves sleeping within the red plants leaves. I just placed the orbs into the gravel in the bottom of the tank and they look so good! They are the perfect size and Marvin and I couldn’t be happier!

Heidi S.

I absolutely love these plants. They do seem to be silk, not softer plastic like other plants, and a careful examination showed no rough parts or bits that could snag my betta's delicate fins. They fit perfectly in my 5 gallon aquarium, and the wide leaves splay out beautifully and give a lot of surfaces for him to rest on. They are the perfect height to give some plant cover on the upper half of his aquarium - I had gotten him taller "silk" plants before from Petco, and they were so rough they tore his fins in several places. Since then I've had only live plants, which are very short because he's in a low light aquarium and it can't support larger live plants.

I've had my betta for about a year in a heated, filtered, 5 gallon aquarium with plenty of live plants and decorations. He has NEVER made a bubble nest, which honestly distressed me a little bit. A few days after adding these plants, he blew the largest, spittiest bubble nest I've ever seen right next to one of them. Now he sits on his betta hammock and admires it and widens it daily. I don't know if these taller plants gave him the plant cover near the surface of the water to make him feel secure enough to make a nest or what, but these plants were the only things I changed about his tank. Five stars!

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