Isity Hyaluronic Acid Eye Masks with Moisturizers for Dark Under Eye Circles & Puffiness │50 Pcs



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Jonna M.
Suitable for puffy eyes and dark circles.

These eye masks are great! Initially, this low price made me doubt its effect, but after a week of use. This surprised me. Because I feel that the dark circles under my eyes are obviously diluted a lot. Store it in the refrigerator and remove it when you use it. Because it makes you cooler and more relaxed. I hope it is enough to support me until the dark circles disappear.

Sharon F.
Picks Up My Tired Eyes

Since the weather has changed, my eyes have been dry which has been making my under-eye bags look more apparent. I've used these a few times a week as part of my evening skincare routine, and find that they moisturize me under eyes perfectly, and my eyes are plump and refreshed the next morning. I've found that under eye creams absorb a bit better after using these pads. I'll definitely be purchasing these again!

Jenifer W.
Great for dry skin around eyes

These are a different shape from most eye patches and that’s because you can actually lay it over your eye to get both under eye and the eyelid which I really like. They each have a lot of ‘solution’ on them so you get a really nice treatment. I put on a couple of times a week and leave for 15-20mins. I live in a very dry climate so they are great for helping to relieve my eyes and make them less puffy

Tracy M.

I rotate these between morning and night use with my skincare. I love these even though I hate face masks. The entire face covered makes me feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable. But just under the eyes is great! I apply these for 10 minutes while I do my hair. Then I apply my under eye cream and do makeup. My eyes are instantly brighter but more importantly, they aren’t dry. This helps my concealer, not crease.

Katie S.
Really Good Product!

Fast Delivery. Fast action. It’s acid so it’s really effective eye treatment. Maybe do a patch test elsewhere first to make sure Hyaluronic acid works well for you. But I got this and my dermatologist has always been telling me to try Hyaluronic acid! Amazing product. Seal still intact so it's safe haha.

Beverly C.

Like the ingredients. It caused no irritation to my skin. The patches give a cold sensation under the eye which really helps de-puff eyes after waking up in the morning. I usually wear mine for 20 minutes. They are also nice to put on if you just want to relax!

Rosalie J.
Great buy

These are amazing! I tried one and as soon as I peeled it off, my daughter said "yeah, the bags under your eyes are gone!" I did it every day for a week and then stopped over the weekend. They still haven't come back a week later.

Genevieve A.
Nice mask

Nice mask, patches are nicely packed, easy to be taken one by one by the little thingy it comes with. Good hydration, eyes do not look so tired anymore. Mask has a neutral aroma, which seems to be made from good ingredients cause it does not cause any irritation to my sensitive skin.

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Isity Hyaluronic Acid Eye Masks with Moisturizers for Dark Under Eye Circles & Puffiness │50 Pcs