Triovex Wireless Sweat-proof V5.0 Bluetooth Earphone | Compatible for iOS & Android

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Cynthia W.
Great product for the proce

1) Great product for the price
2) Master switching technology. I can use either bud while the other one is charging in the case
3) Compatible with Android and Mac

Penelope C.

I got these headphones about a week ago and I've been in love ever since. It slightly resembles Apple pod (from afar) just for a MUCH cheaper price. However, I have experienced a few defects but I cant expect so much from something so inexpensive. I do notice that when I do not have music or sound playing, every now and again I will hear a bit of static that usually only last a second or two and recurs about every 5 mins. But thats easily fixed by playing music ! LOL. but for the most part, I enjoy having them. They're convenient, reliable and worth the purchase.

Gian C.S.
Well-designed Product

I really love the overall design of the product. It is compact, lightweight, its durable, its amazing and what not!
For the price, it is a great deal. The plus point is that it has a wireless charging feature; it comes with a charging case that charge earbuds with its inbuilt battery. Helps me a lot. I love them!!
If you are looking for earbuds under $30, get these without a doubt.

Lucy J.
Great Price…Works Well

Really good earphones for the price.
They paired super quick and linked to my phone pretty fast too.
Definitely Recommended.

Olivia C.
Great Sound and Quality

I can't stop listening to my music again. After a really great pair of earphones gave up on me I've had trouble finding a good replacement. After a few gets both high end & bargain price & all disappointments it has been amazing to find these. I didn't realise how hard it was just to buy decent headphones!

I was tempted by the good reviews these have had & I can assure you that they're all true.

I am so happy with these headphones.

Jerico M.
Affordable Product

I am truly satisfied with it. The seller delivered the product before the estimated time and with excellent packing.
The product & service deserves 5 star:

1.Unbelievable quality of sound (at this price)
2.Ease of use
3.Super fast connectivity without a trouble
4.Latest 5.0 technology
5.Deep bass
6.Comfortable when wearing
7.Works for hours & hours
8.Strong built
It works as advertised…I’m delighted!

Amor P.
Fantastic Product

Absolutely fantastic.
These are not the usual cheap alternatives from websites that ship from china - these are so much better!
Completely wireless via bluetooth which is so simple to connect to my android device - no issues whatsoever.
I had unbelievable battery life from a short charge so I'm looking forward to seeing how long these last today with a full night's charge.
To adjust the volume you only need to tap the side of the ear bud. One increases volume and the other decreases it.
Perfect for traveling and daily commute. Honestly can't recommend these enough!

Robert H.
Best Choice

I had bought this product and found it to be good value for money. It paired with all my phone & iPad quickly without any hassles. Though it needs to be recharged once in 2-3 days, I found that it was not that much of a issue. The design is good. Fits the ears correctly such that it won't fall while walking, jogging. Playing for a long period is also ear friendly. Hoping that i can use it for a real long time unlike wired earphones where one of the wire inevitably snaps after a few months of usage. Outstanding customer support from the seller who went out of his way to ensure that i was completely satisfied with the product.

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Triovex Wireless Sweat-proof V5.0 Bluetooth Earphone | Compatible for iOS & Android