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Jane S.
Very good sound and very good quality

This product is very good, it has a very good sound, the battery lasts very comfortable, they are very beautiful, they work with a footprint, Low bolumen, I really liked the rubber spare parts and their charging cable

Bella B.
Impeccable quality

Headphones of a very good quality / price, very surprised with the finish and materials of these headphones, a very high sound quality, perfect battery life, comes with a very useful charging indicator, highly recommended.

Kelly H.
Try it for a day. Sound quality is very good.

The headset was received as expected, and the door-to-door service was very good. The seller offers a one-year warranty and there are no worries after the sale. The sound quality of the headphones is clear and reliable.

Ashton B.
Intelligent, compact and extraordinary quality wireless headphones!

The headset is very light, the installation is very simple and it took me less than 1 minute. I haven't used them for a long time to really comment on the durability sound is very good and out of the box. Charging is very fast. You are ready for the hour. It looks good and sits very well in my ear.

Sabrina P.
Super helmet

I have tried a lot of sports headphones, but they always fail. I'm Asian, so my ears are a little strange, but the ears are very fit, the sound and bass are beautiful. Background noise is very low. I like these headphones. They are exactly what I want.

Allan P.
Don't yell at me I don't hear you

Very good sound nothing to envy others much more expensive, they fit perfectly and bring different plugs to adjust them to the extent you need with a good battery life and aesthetically very elegant

Brian F.
Super recommended helmets

They are a past, very good sound quality, the soundproofing is tremendous, nothing is heard from outside, they are very comfortable and beautiful, and the tactile use is good and sensitive. I am delighted with them, I would buy them again with my eyes closed, and I will recommend them to anyone

Michael F.
They sound good

They are good headphones. It is a plus that they already have Bluetooth 5.0, their aesthetics are very good and their touch button is comfortable. After trying several they have left me very satisfied. I use them for sports.

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PowerPros Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds | Auto Pairing Pop-ups | Suitable for All Devices