ZenGaze 24K Gold Eye Mask with Collagen Patches For Moisturizing & Reducing Dark Circles | 60 pcs

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Richard W.
A luxury eye mask everyone should make a necessity

These eye masks are not only a luxury, but they're also a necessity in life! They are easy to apply and make my under eyes feel so refreshed. I've begun taking skincare seriously since entering my 30s and am so impressed with these. They stay in place well so I don't have to hold still and watch movements while they're on. They're also individually wrapped which is a convenience thing. If you've not tried these you should, you will not be disappointed.

Riley T.
Love these!

I'm never one to usually write a review but these are AMAZING! I have tried every other under eye patches like this over the last couple years. Never have i seen results like this is just one use. I suffer from insomnia so puffiness is a huge issue for me. This makes my eyes underneath look like i have gotten such a well nights sleep. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles. And im 46, who has also enjoyed the sun over the years. Your eyes feel nourished an moisturized. I don't even need to use a under eye cream afterwards anymore to try an solve these issues. I just got mine 2 days ago an already ordering another one to have on hand. Thank you to who ever makes these. This is a great beauty product!!

Veron L.
In love

These are absolutely wonderful . They are nice and thick. I keep mine in the refrigerator and when I apply them they stay cold for the entire 20 minutes. My skin is actually chilly when I take them off and my puffiness vanishes. The ingredients are brilliant (go ahead and read them, they get right to the point!) 15 pairs in this one box and results after one week is the cherry on top!

Cherry S.
Eyes Feels SNATCHED!!!

Okayyy Like WHAT?!?! I honestly only used this for one day.... and woke up feeling SNATCHED! My under eyes already decreased in puffiness and my dark circles are brightening! This is a miracle patch and I even told my family about how this has done wonders to my under eyes! I say this is the botox of under eye patches! It’s unreal! I also pair these under eye patches with an eye cream so i also feel that that helped a lot too!
Now to my own experience. I notice a difference when I use these. I like the cooling affect they have and they smell nice too. I have had no problem with them staying put on my face and I move around a fair amount when they are on. I put them on in the morning and then go about getting dressed and doing my hair.
Oh and if you have a little girl they will think this is the most amazing thing if you do a spa day at home with them like I did with my daughter.
I will definitely purchase again.

Jasmin C.
Soothing for tired puffy eyes

Love these under eye masks! I put them on before bed and they are really relaxing. Even if I am doing stuff around the house they stay put. I have only been using them for about a week but they seem to help with the puffiness under my eyes and they feel really good!

Bella B.
Best part of my skin care routine

I love these so much! They’ve become apart of my nightly skin care routine. I have puffiness around my eyes and I have literally seen such an improvement using these and I’m almost done with the box. When I take them off it looks like I’ve already had a good nights sleep. I put them on after cleaning my face, using vitamin C serum and moisturizer and I let them sit for about 30 minutes. I highly recommend these they honestly do everything they say they do.

Kelly H.
They really do work

For the longest time I've have what I call "tired mom eyes". It's absolutely horrible! I searched for everything with the best rating. After day 2 my bags are almost invisible. The best part about it is you can't even tell you're wearing them, and they stay where you put them. I'll definitely be continuing to use these.

Ashton B.
Goodbye eye bags.

These eye masks give better results than some more expensive ones I’ve bought in retail stores. I notice a big difference in my dark under-eye circles after using these and the effect lasts for about two days. The ingredient list on the back of the package I received matches the ingredients listed in the description.

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ZenGaze 24K Gold Eye Mask with Collagen Patches For Moisturizing & Reducing Dark Circles | 60 pcs