Hikush Indoor Bicycle Storage Cover│27.5"-29" Bike

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Rose H.
Great for apartment bike storage

This product works as advertised for protecting my bike wheels and gears during indoor storage. I live in an apartment and keep my bike on a rack in a spare bedroom, so I wanted to ensure no dirt is transmitted from the bike onto the carpet, walls, etc. It does exactly that. The fabric quality is good, a heavy enough gauge that I don't worry about it ripping or stretching out of shape, but still easy to manipulate and install easily on the bike. I feel it is a good value for the money and an excellent idea for indoor storage.

Janno H.
Keep dust out of your wheels and derailleur!

This is such a great idea - I can only ride during warm weather, so I store my bike in an area that collects a lot of dust. When I get it out in the spring, I end up spending so much time cleaning it and getting dust out of the wheels and the derailleur. This should help keep the wheels and derailleur from getting dirty and slow the need for professional maintenance. At first, I felt like a stooge trying to put it on when, duh, I turned the bike upside down. Then it was very easy to put the cover on by myself! It also looks great! Totally would recommend it!

Mark W.
Works great

Great product and very sturdy, also attractive. I only wish we would have bought it sooner because the tarp and trash bag route we went before really caused quite a bit of rust on our gears. I'm hoping this bike cover lasts a long time and am eager to see how well it travels on the back of our car on vacation.
Thank you!

Van H.M.

My mountain bike has been idle in the underground garage for a long time. Every time I go out with my friend on a bike, I always wash it for a long time, which is very delaying. I browsed many commodities on the Internet, and only it hit my heart. Although its color matching is not very gorgeous, I just like its unpretentiousness. His fabric is sturdy and hard-wearing almost cleaned with just one flush of water.

Jamaica G.
Wear and dirt resistant

I have been using it for a while. My mountain bikes no longer have to be alone in the garage, and I don’t need to clean the bike anymore, I just need to clean it. Not only is it easy to clean, but the cloth is strong and resistant to dirt. With it, I feel that my life is a lot easier.

Heidi S.
Good protection for bicycles

I like this kind of dust cover very much. It's easy for the bicycle to get dirt and dust on the tires when it's outdoors. It can effectively prevent the tires from getting dust. It can also protect the bike’s safety

John B.

Colors are bright and beautiful, you need this if your storing your bike indoors and don’t want to track in the dust or mud or just to keep the area clean. May need some help getting it on but well worth it is an awesome product!!

Vincent B.
Love this cover!

This is perfect for keeping your bike clean when it's outside and keeping your house clean when it's inside. Easily washed and colors look great!

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Hikush Indoor Bicycle Storage Cover│27.5"-29" Bike