Babyn Playful & Colorful Infant Foot Socks, Wrist Rattle Toys

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Mae P.

My 1 month old is loving these amazing little rattles. He kicks his little legs more than ever!
They will fit him for a while because they are too big for him, but I just put on fuzzy socks first so that they will stay on. He will get a lot of use out of these. They are better quality than I even expected!

Aira C.
These are ohhh so cute!!

I have a three month old and right now she is not sure what to do with them ..she does however shake her arms so that the rattle makes noise and she's kicking her feet for that rattle to make noise .... I love these things, they are darling and as she learns to grab and hold on more ... I'm sure these will be a favorite. They are already mine. They are made of cotton so easy to wash .... Thanks for such a darling and wonderful little product.

Eris S.
Highly recommended!

These simple socks and cuffs are so fabulous it’s insane! My daughter can not get enough of the noise and simple color constraints. These have completely transformed her whole body into a toy and are great for development of both fine and gross motor skills. Her core really worked hard to reach her feet and her hand and mouth coordination was practiced as well as her fine motor skills to grab for her “friends” antlers. I would highly recommend these for travel, they take up very little space to pack and can keep your little one busy for 30-45minutes until they are ready for a nap! After playing with her new friends my daughter slept really well, out like a light! Definitely worth the $$$

Virginia L.
Great that the set includes both hand and feet, quality product, fair price.

As an occupational therapist that works in Early On, I look for toys that will aid in development of important skills in an infant that will help meet milestones expectations. I like that there were both wrist and feet rattles that were colorful and had that crinkle sound that babies enjoy. I also enjoy sewing and look for the quality of products that are sewn. I am very pleased and hope that my great niece will love exploring her toys.

Ernest J.
Best $5 I've ever spent

Has kept him entertained for hours so far. He just shakes his hands and feet and laughs at himself lol

Karla G.
They are cute

These are cute and well made. They are soft and colorful. I bought them for my 3 month old. He seems to really enjoy them. Only thing I wished was that the wrist cuffs were a little bigger. He won't get to play with them for long and babies don't really find their hands till closer to 3 months and up.

Arnold W.
I originally bought these for myself!

We bought this for our daughter's baby shower and like any new mom, she wanted the best. Since my wife and I have 5 kids including her, we kinda know something about baby stuff and raising babies(mostly my wife - I needed an owner's manual). She wanted it so we bought it. She and her family moved in during the coronavirus pandemic and during this social distancing time- we are all living together. It is a staple in our home. Baby is now three months old and figuring out he has hands. It entertains him and us! Most importantly- it aids his mental development. I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on TV. We've raised enough children to know that any chance the baby's caregiver has to take a short rest, do it. This product keeps both of them sane! We love it.
Would buy again!

Randall S.
Adorable gift for an adorable baby!

These are so cute and I can’t wait for my little one to come so he can use them and be entertained with his own little hands and feet. I only bought them because I needed like 6 more dollars to get my registry box and it’s the first thing I saw but I can say it was probably a good decision. It doesn’t have an obnoxiously loud rattle like toys do but makes a rather softer noise that would catch the baby’s attention and not get on mommy’s nerves lol. The sock material is soft and the little toys on it are eye catching and adorable.

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