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Hero A.
Fits my oversized toddler with room to grow!

Absolutely love these reusable swim diapers! My 18 mo old son is above average for his age (39lbs 36in) and finding swim diapers that fit him has been a challenge. The large in this style fits him comfortably with room to grow!! They are so easy to put on and take off unlike disposable ones that are difficult, especially after they are wet. Definitely ordering another one since my son LOVES to be in the water, we will be doing so daily.

Jaime B.
So adorable!

This swim diaper is great. Love that it can be resized for my son since he has special needs and is too big for the reusable baby swim diapers.

Jessa B.
Good option

This swim diaper has a lot of snaps so it is very adjustable. It can be a bit complicated, but once you figure out what snaps your kid fits, it works well. My pool requires a disposable swim diaper underneath, and it fits well with or without one. I've used ones with and without the snaps, and while I prefer the no snaps for convenience, this one seems to be a very comparable option.

Roselyn R.
Buy it now! The only swim diaper you will ever need!

I have used this brand swim diaper since my son was 6 months old. He is now 2 and 3 months and we had to size up to the larger one (yes it lasted two years!). These swim diapers are amazing! Super durable and comfortable for our little one. I have no cons for these. I’ve never had to use a disposable diaper on him. They have worked on vacations, beaches and pool days.

Robert B.

I’m very impressed by how easy this is to use. I bought it for my 3yr old who wears 4t/5t shorts. I didn’t see a point in paying for disposable swim diapers and swim trunks so I decided to go this route. They look cute and he loves the fact that there are snaps all of them.

The only reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I don’t like that it snaps the opposite of a diaper. Instead of being like a diaper (back lays over the front), this is the opposite (front lays over the back) and it’s actually a little confusing to get used to at first. I’m sure it’s so they can’t take it off easily but it makes for an odd situation when your kid is too big for a changing table and you are trying to get this thing on.

Jeanne K.
Love it!

This was a total lifesaver. My daughter is 6 years old and special needs, my only complaint is that I got the biggest size and I could only use it for this past summer. But that's only because my daughter is growing, it really has nothing to do with the product itself. I wish that I would have gotten it sooner, it's durable and the snaps are very secure so she couldn't pull it off or have it come off accidentally if she was playing too hard. It's size adjustable and comes in such cute patterns. I have recommended this to other special needs moms for their kiddos. You won't regret it!

Patricia B.
Fabulous swim diaper for big toddlers!

So happy they released the next size up in this swim diaper! We used the small size last summer, but our almost 2 year old is huge and has outgrown it. They hold everything in, don't get bulky and awkward after getting wet, and taking them off is super easy. We love this brand!

Nariz S.
Worth it!!

I LOVE this swimmer!! So much easier than buying disposable water diapers and better for the planet. The snaps are easy, my 3 year old can put it on all by herself. The design is adorable and the fabric is quality. I would recommend them to anyone and actually have at the pool in our community. You can wear them as bottoms or under a swimsuit without them looking bulky or out of place. The price is right and I received it the very next day.

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