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Michelle L.
Good Swim Diaper

I really like reusable swim diapers as they are more environmentally friendly and convenient. I love that this diaper is adjustable and will grow with my baby. The snaps really make it easy to put on and take off. The previous swim diaper that I had was elastic, so not only was it difficult to put on and take off, but the diaper left marks on my baby. My baby has only done #1 in his swim diapers so far, so I can't speak for how well this diaper would work for #2's, but the diaper fits well.

Mary G.
Super cute and easy to use

Love how cute and easy to use. My 1 1/2 year old kiddo doesn’t have solid poop ever so problems can still arise. I wear a disposable under this if the child still hasn’t pooped. I like that it saves on the environment.

Michael D.
Great material

We bought this as added protection for our 7 year old to wear in the pool. While he is fully trained , when he isn’t thinking or totally involved he can sometimes wait until the last second and possibly have an accident. We wanted to be proactive about that and this has totally helped us do that. We used cloth diapers for both our kids and understand the quality of a good reusable diaper. This is a great one. Washed up just like they suggested and has some nice stretch to it.

Elise V.R.
They fit my chunky 15 mo old great!

I have only used these twice, but so far so good. I have always hated disposable swim diapers-- they never fit right and are hard to get on, plus the sizing always seemed off. These are amazing. My son is 15 mo, 28 lbs and 33" tall (a big boy with big thighs) and the adjustability these allow is great and they fit so much better than the disposable diapers we tried last summer on him. We haven't had a poopy diaper yet, but I think these are going to be our best friends this summer.

Janet G.
Cute pattern

Super cute pattern. Only complaint is that as it gets wet it needs to be made tighter. Easy to clean.

Margaux F.
Amazing customer service!!

They are super cute! Lots of room to grow for my two years old son. I think they probably would fit for three and four years old too. Once I got used to which snaps to use then not that difficult to put them on to my son. I bought these about a year ago and some stitches were undone. So I contacted the company and they are great!! They responded so quickly and sent me a pair of replacement. Amazing customer service! My son is almost done with toilet training so hopefully I don’t need to buy another swim diaper but I would try to use this company for another purchase relating to swimming! Thank you!!!

Juliet B.
We're so glad they have a larger size as one of our ...

We used the smaller size exclusively for our twins from 6 months through 18 months. We're so glad they have a larger size as one of our twins is over 30 pounds with chunky thighs and this means we'll be able to continue using this great product for quite a while. SO, SO much better than disposable swim diapers. Couldn't say enough great things about the product or the great husband-wife team that makes them.

Sam J.
Works great!

Great product. I did not have a problem using the snaps or adjusting it to size. Worked great and seemed comfortable on the three year old. No red marks from being too tight after removing. Washes easy and dries fast. Fits so much better than regular disposable swim diapers!

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