InFocus 10" LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder

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Melody P.

If you work in the cosmetics world. This ring light is a must-have to take pictures of your clients. The lighting is beyond amazing.

Genevieve A.
Easy setup

This selfie light did require some installation, but it was mainly attaching the light to the stand. Once that was attached, it was easy to install our phone inside the ring light. This worked with a case on the phone and then without. We used this for recording different videos and the lighting was perfect. We did have to switch it up the lighting but that was really easy. The lights can be very bright but it's nice to be able to either turn them down when needed or turn them up higher. The stand itself is really sturdy, especially when you have to either push pause, play, or to adjust the phone. Stand does not feel like a cheap one but made of high-quality products.

Jamie R.
Great purchase

I love this tripod light, it holds your phone so it's perfect for making videos or just when you want to video chat. The light is amazing, for doing your makeup or your hair. And the fact that it's also a selfie stick, super cool...I'm so happy with this purchase, definitely recommend.

Katie S.
Great light for you’re needs

I bought this light for my daughter and she loves it. She has been using the light to make makeup tutorials. She love the light so much she has asked me for another

Beverly C.
Lighting up my videos easier than ever

I've always struggled to find a good, clean way to light up the videos that I shoot for my work vlog. I've ended up amassing a large number of different lamps to try to just even out my office's dark corners, but it's been frustrating.
This ring light and the tripod that comes with it has already allowed me to unplug and remove all of the lamps! The ring light uses USB power, so I just connect it to a portable charger when I use it. That way, the wire can be wrapped around the tripod and it's even cleaner to pick it up and move it around. The flexible adjustments make it simple for me to find the right angle to eliminate glare. The multiple settings also keep the light from whiting out my face too much. GREAT buy and something that I'm recommending to my friends in the industry who do a lot of videos!

Rosalie J.
Ring light made my photos come out flawless!

The light in my room isn’t as bright so I decided to purchase this not only to take pictures after doing my makeup but also so I can record videos and upload it to my social media. I noticed that just about everyone that does makeup have perfect lighting! So I decided to go with this one so that I can achieve that flawless look in my photos. I love the fact that I can change the color of the ring light, lower the brightness, adjust it to my liking. Taking pictures and recording was easy, I just paired the Bluetooth remote to my phone and used the two buttons to start snapping away. When I was done, I simply lowered the tripod by adjusting the nobs on the stand and stored it in a small spot in my room; it didn’t take up much space.

Sharon F.
Great Value and Performance

You'll find a variety of these, but I chose this one based on features and price. It's easy to assemble, and the phone mount is strong enough and opens wide enough to hold a regular camera if you want, for vlogs, etc, so you're not limited to smartphones for capturing video. The multiple light temperatures are helpful and there is a good range of brightness levels. Another thing that sets this apart is the tripod. It extends to a good height, almost tall enough if you're standing up to have a light on you. It's bright enough that it could be serviceable if you stand a little farther away. Also, the tripod is multifunctional. You can use it standard, with the light and a smartphone on the clamp, or you can use it with a GoPro style camera screwed to the top or even a smartphone. I could see this being a great option for getting over the heads in a crowd or achieving angles that would be otherwise difficult. The tripod is extremely lightweight so very portable and wouldn't fatigue you from holding it for long periods of time. I just wouldn't be too hard on it. Overall highly recommended for someone looking for an inexpensive, multi-purpose solution.

Apple B.
Nice light for portraits

I bought this to help my friend with her teeth whitening business. She needed some pictures, but the teeth whitening studio didn't have good lighting. I used this ring light with my camera to help her with some pictures.

Things I like
1. The ring light provides a good amount of lighting and has three different light temperatures. You are also able to brighten/dim the light.

2. Easy setup. Setting up the light takes just a few minutes. It also includes a tripod, smartphone holder, and GoPro style mount. The ring light itself has a standard size nut to mount on most tripods.

Things that I didn't like
1. The included tripod could have been taller. There was no way to take pictures while standing (subject would have to be seated). Not a huge issue because you are able to use another tripod, but it would have been nice for added flexibility.

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