Mucola Instant Lip Plumper with Moroccan Argan Oil and Collagen



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Brianna K.
It does work!!!

I wasn't sure about this at first but after reading other reviews I figured why not give it a try. I'm so glad I did because this stuff is awesome! The very first time I used it there was a slight stinging on my lips for about 2 minutes and then went away and my lips felt amazing! They turned a slight shade of pink and they were definitely more plump but not huge. I apply it a couple times a day and I love this stuff! I am very happy with my purchase!

Christie W.
Better than more expensive lip plumpers

I was a little hesitant to buy because I already buy a lip plumper that costs over $30 and thought this cheaper lip plumper can’t be any better...I WAS WRONG! It works great and I will definitely be buying again!

Crystal B.
Softer, fuller pout

It definitely works! Lips are fuller, softer and smoother when and after using this stuff. It comfortably burns the lips when you put it on and has a sort of mango-ish type flavor (not the best) I would still highly recommend!

Cyndi P.
great result

I really liked how easy it was to apply and the smell it had. I can see good result that I am happy about. I would definetly recommend this

Judy R.
Tingling sensation of the lips once applied

Shipping was very fast! :) product works in less than 5 mins. I can definitely see the difference every time I apply the lip plumper. Be sure to keep your mouth opened when you apply it on because if it gets on any part of the face or tongue it causes irritation or a tingling sensation.

Chalee M.
Plumps like it says it does!

I bought this for my girlfriend and I definitely noticed that her lips were fuller when she used it. She did say that it tingled like other reviews mentioned but it wasn’t painful. It smells and tastes very fruity as well. The fullness is temporary so you would need to reapply as necessary. Very interesting product and way safer than having lip injections done.

Welcome X.
First product I've ever re-ordered after only one use

I can't remember who first told me about this lip oil, but it seemed like the perfect solution to my multi-year search of trying to find a lip product that enhanced my natural lip color while keeping my lips moisturized. It's not too sticky and lasts longer than a typical "gloss". It's a fairly small bottle, but that also makes it great to keep in a wristlet. This is also sheer enough to pair over a lip crayon or lip liner. I'm really pleased with this lip oil and hope they continue to make it for a long time!

Ray H.
It works!

I’ve been looking for a lip plumper and this one had the best reviews. Did exactly what it was supposed to it plumped my lips. It does tingle but it doesn’t hurt.

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