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Gian C.S.
This is an awesome knife

This is an awesome knife as advertised. It is extremely sharp. It has a great handle with a well-balanced feel. I have a number of more expensive knives but they are not as balanced nor as sharp as this knife. I much prefer using this knife. Definitely recommend this knife to anyone who does any amount of cooking.

Olivia C.
Excellent knife!

I bought this knife for my husband because he complains that we don't have a "really good knife". He loves this knife, his review of it is;

This knife is really nice. As a woodworker, the true test of sharp is whether or not a blade will cut the hairs off the back of your hand or forearm, this shaved them bare. It is beautifully balanced as well. The wood handle with metal end cap is a very nice touch. I've used the knife several times now on meat, vegetables, and for chopping herbs. It performed great and is every bit as sharp as when it came out of the package. Would definitely recommend.

Chad j.
This is a beautiful gift.

This is a beautiful knife. It is a gift, so we are not using it, but it is very sharp and very beautiful. We are delighted to give it as a wedding gift to young people who love to cook. We feel sure it will be treasured. So glad we chose this.

Veron L.
It’s a good looking knife

It’s a good looking knife, it’s not the sharpest knife in the world, but it’s well balanced, the handle is comfortable, and customer service from the company is very good, quick response to any questions and highly committed to fixing any issue.

Cherry S.
Excellent knife; razor sharp.

I love this knife. It arrived razor sharp and has stayed that way with only very light use of a sharpening steel.

It is also a visually beautiful knife with a gorgeous wooden handle and handsome blade. It is also nicely balanced.

I would buy this knife again in a minute.

Steve L.
Great knife after 2 weeks of use. Feels like it will last many years

I really enjoy this knife. It came very sharp upon delivery and seems to be holding the edge well. I have been using this knife daily for a few weeks and still holding well. My only criticism is that I find the knife handle a bit slick if I have any moisture on my hands. I wash my hands very frequently as I cook and so they often are not as dry as this knife needs to be safe. Other than my personal issue it seems to be a very quality product I would highly recommend.

Lance S.
Works great!

My fiancé is by no means a professional chef, but he is definitely a whiz in the kitchen. He had been researching chef’s knives so I decided to beat him to it and purchase one as a birthday gift. (It’s a win-win, really. I buy a knife and I get to eat like a king while he thinks he’s Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen).

We were both blown away by this knife. For some reason, I didn’t expect it to be as sharp as it is. I thought we’d have to have it sharpened by a professional...nope. This thing is seriously sharp out of the box, so watch out.

Overall, I highly recommend this knife.

Mike S.
Excellent knife

It feels great in my hands, not too thick of a handle, and cuts so easily. Even though I’m not a chef, I’ve been wanting a professional chef knife. Really surprised and happy my girlfriend bought this for me. I cook a lot for the family at home, so it makes prepping so much easier for me. I’m probably buying one for the fire house too. Very recommended to anyone!

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