JMS Cotton Maternity Body Pillow | U Shaped Pregnancy Sleeping Support

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Jonna M.
Love this pillow

Love this pillow! I use it to alleviate the pain of a bad hip while I sleep and it’s helped some. I would like for it to have more filling up at the top and for cheap, washable covers to be available to change out easily.

Jenifer W.

This is such a comfort to have if you are pregnant! I love that this cradles your back and stomach, which are such delicate areas during your pregnancy. I love that the cover is washable, because that makes it so easy to deal with quick messes! This is so soft and comfortable. I am so happy I had the chance to review this product!

Leah J.
Can be used in many positions.

Love this thing. I sleep with it every night and it helps immensely with my knee pain. I have Rheumatoid and osteo arthritis in my knees and hope and positioning myself with this has helped a lot with pain and morning stiffness. I will say that over time it's firmness has broken down, but that's to be expected with the amount of use it's had. I will purchase another one again in the future.

Roxanne J.
not be able to sleep at night without this amazing pillow!

I love it I sleep really good my baby bump is happy. would not be able to sleep at night without this amazing pillow!!!

Andie J.
I can honestly say that I'm getting the best sleep I've had in almost 30 years

Not just for pregnancy!!
I bought this pillow after a shoulder injury. I can honestly say that I'm getting the best sleep I've had in almost 30 years. It keeps you comfortable and stable (no more tossing and turning). I wake up completely refreshed because I'm comfortable all night due to the pillow keeping my neck in a position that allows me to breathe better (reduced snoring is an added bonus) and my body in a position that reduces all kinds of various joint/neck/hip strains. I honestly cannot recommend this product enough.
Other reviews are correct in pointing out that the pillow is large, if you have anything smaller than a king, you will definitely notice it taking up some room. However, the pillow keeps you from moving around too much while you sleep, so your partner should technically get more room to themselves overall despite the size. Quality seems high considering the modest price point and the removable/washable cover is a nice touch.

Macy E.
I'm sleeping better than I have in a long while

A very well-made item and much bigger than the box it came in. If I'm using it, I tend to sleep better and for a longer period of time. When my lady uses it, it tries to shove me over to the edge of the bed and steal the covers. I don't think the pillow itself is totally to blame. She swears it's not her fault but I get the impression the two of them are in cahoots. There's something up, I just know it

Joan J.

I initially bought this pillow for my mom. She had eye surgery and needed to sleep facing up. This kept her in place. Well, she recovered and wanted to return to her usual sleep positions, so I kept it. It has been so helpful with my lower back problems. It comfortable. The cover is cotton and somewhat soft.

Also, customer service was excellent! I had some issues with the timing of my order and my mom's surgery. They did everything they could to get it to me on time for her to use it when she came home from the hospital. THANK YOU!!!

Love L.M.
So Thankful For This Pillow!

Finally I can get some sleep! This is exactly what I needed to get a good night of rest during my pregnancy. I'm SO GLAD that I bought this pillow that supports both front and back during sleep and not one that just supports my front. I had a bad habit of rolling flat onto my back during sleep (which can be dangerous for both mom and baby) and this prevents that. It also gives me the support I need for my hips. This pillow not only improved my sleep quality, but also my terrible hip pain. I wish I would have bought it earlier! I will admit, the case is a bit scratchy, but after sleeping on it a couple times, it softens up considerably. I definitely recommend this product and would buy it again.

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