Kirin Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 11 Pro 5.8 and iPhone Pro Max 6.5

Size: IP 11 Pro 5.8


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Cristine N.
Worth it

I do notice that the blue ray filter has less strain on my eyes. Highly recommend for someone who’s on their phone a lot!

Joanna M.
Excellent Price

Excellent Price
Installed myself and was quick and easy compared to how the older versions of screen protectors worked. This was for my daughters phone and she said she liked the anti-glare which is easier on her eyes!

Charmaine M.
We use it on all our phones

My niece had this screen protector on her phone when the phone was thrown against a wall. The screen protector shattered but the phone screen didn’t even crack.

Jarred G.
Great product

Absolutely the best! Please disregard all the bad reviews and do yourself a favor - buy this screen protector! It is highly durable and so, I repeat - SO easy on the eyes! It also does not take anything away from the clarity/quality of the phone itself - you can barely notice that the darn thing is there. Installing is a breeze as well. I was able to lay the screen protector perfectly in under two minutes. Just be careful and follow the instructions. Get it! It will look good on your phone and will provide the best protection possible!

Ken R.
Quality product and easy installation

Very clean glass. Installing was as easy as laying it in place. It even comes with a placement guide to drop the glass in. No brainer!

Robin W.
Neat packaging

This glass was way easier to apply to my wife's iPhone 11 than before - neat, well-designed packaging and instructions. No bubbles, dust, or dirt. It did line up perfectly. There is a small imperfection on the edge, which is why we gave it four stars. Not enough of a problem to warrant a return!

Dominique T.
Perfect. Very impressed! (iPhone 11 Pro)

Amazing. Perfect for what I was looking for. Fits my iPhone 11 Pro perfectly. It doesn’t go all the way to the edge because the edge is rounded but it goes perfectly where it should go. The little plastic form for installing it was amazing and got the screen perfectly fitted immediately.

Tristan G.
This is a great screen protector

This product has worked very well so far. No bubbles and it hasn’t cracked yet like some of the cheaper ones would have. The touch is also very responsive unlike some of the cheaper ones. Overall, this is a good screen protector.

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Kirin Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 11 Pro 5.8 and iPhone Pro Max 6.5