FirstCare 79pcs First Aid Kit Bag Emergency Equipment for Family, Workplace, Car & Outdoors



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Matilda G.
Bought one for the car, such good value I bought more for gift

I particularly like the sturdy case, it is compact, keeps the dust out and fits under the seat. This is not a fist aid kit for major catastrophes. It has the usual assortment of small band-aids, sterile wipes and antibiotic cream.

Hani V.
Saves lives in a very compact way

No one ever wants to be in an airplane when it’s about to crash into the earth. However having this first aid kit with me in my carry-on bag made all the difference in the world! At first I almost had to check my bag because I had one small airline approved size carry-on bag a very small handbag and a computer bag which my handbag could fit into but I wanted to bring my first aid kit so it was just a tight squeeze and the sky cocktail waitress was like you’re only allowed to have two carry-ons and I was like well this one can go in that one but I have a first aid kit and anyway it’s a long story I’ll just say this first aid kit saves lives. period. End of story.

Crissy R.
Good first aid kit

I bought this first aid kit for my boat and first time off shore I hooked myself while fishing. Extracted the hook and cleaned the wound with the antiseptic wipes, then continued fishing. No infection. This is why I purchased this item. It container is strong and suited for a fishing boat

Victor M.
Good kit for the basics. Not an ambulance in a box.

This is a small kit that’s perfect for a glove box, back pack, or something like that. It is not all encompassing but if you just need some band aids and whatnot, it’s fine.

I put one on my boat just in case. If I had more space I’d buy a bigger one though! Can never have too much first aid supplies!

Cid C.
Great for the car!

I bought this first aid kid with the intention of keeping in the car. Having kids, accidents always happen. It is the perfect size to keep in the trunk. It has everything you could need. However, I wish it would of came with more of the normal size, or even bigger band aids versus the extremely small ones. But for the price, it was worth every penny!

Jordin B.
Great little First Aid kit for a car!

We got one of these to keep in each of our vehicles. These are the perfect small size and the hard case is nice to everything doesn't get squished. We have not had to use these yet (luckily) but it looks like it comes with plenty of stuff in case of a minor emergency! Would definitely recommend this!

Jelly V.
Great for hot soccer moms

I wouldn't take this thing to war. But definitely a kids soccer game. Plenty of room in the case to add whatever else you need. Great for taking care of boo boos but not the accidents I find myself getting in to. Overall not bad for the price. Would have preferred sponge Bob band aids but it is what it is.

Hannah S.
Good first aid kit the start with worth the buy

This first aid kit I bought for my daughter to put in your emergency kit in her car she ever get stalled it has enough supplies needed to get her go and you can add more to it if you want the case is good and easy to secure and fits in a standard backpack or out of the way in any vehicle or putting the desk or something I would recommend this product to anyone with just a basic need for a first aid kit it's worth the price

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FirstCare 79pcs First Aid Kit Bag Emergency Equipment for Family, Workplace, Car & Outdoors