ChopSlice Stainless Steel Crinkle Cutter Knife, Ideal for Potato, Cucumber and Carrot



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Jack T.
Eye-pleasing touch to your food presentation

My wife loves this knife and uses it constantly for cutting cheese cubes, carrots, potatoes, chocolate fudge, or dessert bars. It adds a lot to the presentation of food, without making more work. The kids even seem more eager to eat carrots that are chopped with this, than without. Go figure :) It's sturdy, sharp, and easy to use. A great addition to your kitchen!

Travis W.
Very solid product

Works better than expected it cuts through potatoes so easy yet it does not seem sharp to the touch we have been using it every single day with red potatoes and Idaho potatoes.

Travis B.
Great tool, great price!

These worked great! May not be as quick as a sharp knife, but the crinkle-cut is very desirable in pickles so really glad I found these!

Chad j.
Love this chopper!

I bought this to cut food for my 8 month old kiddo so that its easier for him to hold. This thing is wonderful! You hold it like a knife so the motion is familiar. It’s sharp but not knife sharp. Super easy to cut apples, zucchini, potatoes, pancakes, and toast and helps little man holds slippery foods better. Easy to clean too. Highly recommend!

Richard W.

I am obsessed with this knife. I use it to cut all my vegetables and it is amazing. It makes everything have a fun wavy texture to it which looks nice and makes it taste better (probably all in my head but I’m going with it). I’ve bought this as a gift for others because it’s so fun to use. Easy to clean (hand wash) and haven’t had problems with quality yet. Time will tell if it stays sharp and stays together but even if it doesn’t the price isn’t a lot so who cares.

Riley T.
Didn’t make waffle fries like I had hoped - but still slices great

I bought this to make waffle fries. It didn’t work great making waffle fries because they were far too thin. Everyone in our household has fallen in love with the crinkle cut fries and chips that you can make with this. It cuts an entire potato in a few seconds - so much easier than using a standard knife. Quality is excellent.

Anton Y.
Sharp and Does The Job

I thought this might be too cheap or flimsy, but I am pleasantly surprised. These slices potatoes really well and all I can say is keep your fingers and kids away from this one! There really is no way to sharpen this type of blade so if it lasts more than a year and stays sharp, for this price, I will be satisfied to buy another one.

Steve D.
As expected

Works well, not super sharp but works ok for things like bananas and avocados. It helps my baby pick up slippery food.

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ChopSlice Stainless Steel Crinkle Cutter Knife, Ideal for Potato, Cucumber and Carrot