Tipine 22 Pcs Mixed Aluminum Handle Crochet Hooks | Ergonomic Knitting Needles Set



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Jenifer W.
Good Starting Set

Ordered this when my love of crocheting exploded and I wanted to get multiple hook sizes in a somewhat economical package. I’ve been using it for projects such as blankets, washcloths, amigurumi, hot pads, granny squares, Barbie accessories, and hats. I haven’t even used this set to its full potential though.

Genevieve A.
Sturdy and useful

Ergonomic and comfort are not what I would use to describe these. They are practical, cause a set of actual comfortable hooks would be twice maybe 3x more. I would say they good for a novice crocheter that want a sturdy set of hooks.

Joan J.
Great way to keep your hooks organized

Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. I saw some reviews that said that the bag was stinky but, I have a very sensitive nose, I didn't notice anything. Compact, tight sleeves so the hooks stay in place, zip closure. I'm very happy!

Roxanne J.
Crochet hook set

Gave as a gift to a stranger who has fallen on hard times. She lists her home and nearly everything in a fire. Single Mother getting her life back together. Working full-time, children in school, still needs to craft. She loves the hooks. I sent her a bit of yarn from my stash as well.

Jonna M.
Great hook set for the price

Some of the thinner colored hooks are a little flimsy but the thicker ones don't seem to give at all and the steel hooks are good. You also get some unusual sizes that seem to fall between the usual US/EU measurements in the kits I typically see. All in all a great value!

Love L.M.
The case is the best part!

Honestly, my favorite part about this is the case. All of my hooks are organized, in order, in one place. It is small and cute and fits right in with my other sewing stuff. No more rubber-banded wads of hooks, or Ziploc bags with holes punched in them and hooks floating around in my craft drawers! Oh, yeah, and I have every size I need for most patterns. Woohoo!

Tracy M.
Very nice set of hooks

Really nice hook assortment. Just retired and got back into crafting and this is a great way to re-tool and be ready for any project. Appear to be well made and case is very nice for keeping them together in one place.

Katie S.
They are just as represented.

I ordered this because I couldn't find mine. I have used the same crochet hook for 40 years. Of course, after I ordered these, I found mine, but it occurred to me these may be handed down for generations. They don't wear out, and now I won't lose them because they are in a nice case. Too funny- my new legacy.

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Tipine 22 Pcs Mixed Aluminum Handle Crochet Hooks | Ergonomic Knitting Needles Set