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Daytona K.
Best ever!

I LOVE this. The hype is real with this product. I didn’t like the berry scent that Sephora has, but I’ve heard such good things about the actual product. This smells like real grapefruit, and feels SO nice on the lips. You also get a ton of product, which is great, and a tiny spatula so you’re not putting your fingers in the product. There is a noticeable effect the morning after using the mask, and my lips feel so nice!

Jolene B.
great for CPAP users

Saved my lips when nothing! else was working, not even carmex. I use a CPAP machine so essentially have wind blowing over my nose and mouth all night. This forms a long lasting, moisturizing, protective barrier. Also, I am prone to pimple break outs on my lip line and this caused no irritation or breakouts. I find the application a little messy and not as easy as a stick, but that is really minor. So glad to have found this!

Stacy D.
Great for dehydrated lips

I feel that this lip balm works very well to moisturize as opposed to only sitting on top of the lips as a protectant, i. e. Vaseline. I use it nightly or apply it before a shower and end up with very soft, hydrated lips. Generous amount in container so it should last a while.

Stephanie L.
No regrets.

I wasn’t sure if this was worth the money but totally is. I have crusty nasty lips during the hot summer and cold winters. so far this has saved me every night! I forgot to use it for 2 nights and my lips were so sore again. Lipstick the next morning looks amazing! This stuff is great! Sweet subtle smell. I’m super sensitive so this is really mild. Although the wand is great, I doubt after 6 more months, I’ll still know where it is. Too bad bc it’s a nice touch. Maybe I’ll tape its little envelope to the lid!

Cassandra W.
HOLY GRAIL lip product

Favorite. Lip product. EVER!

I have a horrible, horrible, horrible habit of picking at my dry, flaky lips. When I say horrible, I mean horrible--if there is one bit of flaky skin, I pick at it. I would say that 95% of the time my lips have had bloody blotches and completely raw from being picked at nonstop (thanks a lot, anxiety). That being said, I really wish I would have taken "before" photos to show how amazing this stuff really is because seriously, it's that great. I'm a very picky person and I hardly ever end up loving a product this much to rate it 5-stars and give it such a rave review without a single negative thing to say about it. THAT'S HOW AMAZING THIS PRODUCT IS.

It was delivered on a day when my lips were looking extra rough. I had just had a bad day, which means my poor lips were being completely abused. They were almost completely covered in blotches from being bloody all day. This seriously isn't even an exaggeration. People who saw me that day asked what was wrong with my lips. This stuff smells so yummy! Reminds me of the Sour Patch strawberry candy, but it's not overbearing. Fortunately, it tastes like Vaseline so I'm not tempted to eat it when wearing it--I can't even smell it when it's on my lips. I put some on immediately upon opening the box. The instructions say to apply a thick layer to leave on overnight, but since it was still before dinner I just put on a thin layer like I would with a lip balm. (By the way, it also spreads very nicely so it didn't take much at all to cover my lips.) I ate dinner about 2-3 hours later so it came off, but all of the bloody blotches on my lips had started to heal. I could see a difference from just wearing a thin layer for 2-3 hours!!! I was so excited to see what wearing a thick layer overnight would do--and I was NOT disappointed. The next morning my lips were almost completely healed, and after the second night they were 100% healed.

Seriously, my lips have never looked better. I will be recommending this to anyone and everyone who needs a lip product and making sure I always have this on hand.

Jamie Z.
My lips are baby soft!

I am prone to dry, flaky lips. It sucks. Chapstick and balms will relieve my lips but the effects are always temporary.

I was skeptical of an overnight treatment but the price was reasonable so I took a chance. I’m glad I did!

1. Packaging is nice. The jar is cute and the safety seal ensures a sanitary product and prevents damage.
2. II love the color. LOL
3. The texture is thick, making it easy to apply and ensuring the application of a nice, thick coat.
4. A little bit goes a long way.
5. The smell is pleasant and there is no bad taste.
6. Even with a considerable amount of product on my lips, I do not feel like my lips are caked in goo. It feels pretty weightless and I usually forget it’s even there.
7. My lips completely absorb the product overnight, leaving no sticky residue on my mouth in the morning.

1. The jar is on the small side but I think that’s ok, considering how little product you have to use with each application. It definitely lasts a while.

2. It takes several applications to see results. I didn’t notice a difference at first but, after using this stuff every night for a week, my lips became smooth and soft. I’m really impressed with the transformation.

It’s so nice not to have painful cracks in my lips. Added bonus: I am finally able to wear lipstick all day and not have it look flaky and disgusting. It’s awesome! I definitely recommend it. I added it to my nightly regiment. I would also recommend using an exfoliating lip scrub before applying this product as I think it makes it even more effective. Be patient and you’ll see results.

Laurie R.
One of the best Lip Balm

I have really dry lips that peel every day! I think I found the perfect solution to this. I use it every day and night, and my lips are improving every day. They are almost normal now. Been using it for about 1.5 weeks, even under lipsticks and my lips look so much smoother and better. I know its a sleeping pack to be used at night, but I have such dry lip issues, I'm using it all the time. It really does stay on, unless you have a meal, then it needs to be reapplied. Nice fruity smell and a hint of sweetness ... just in love with this.

Update: Not holy grail after all, as I need to have it on all the time, or my lips would become dry pretty quickly and start peeling again. Although I will still give it 5* as it still one of the best lip balms I've tried.

If you found my review helpful, I would appreciate you clicking the YES button. Thanks.

Lee G.
Miracle worker

It appears that it is a different version that might be sold in Korea, which explains the Korean writing and the different scents available. The product is thick but not greasy or goopy, and so moisturizing. I put a lot on at night and wake up with soft, hydrated lips. I use a little during the day to keep them feeling soft. I have tried so many different products to get rid of my chapped, sunburned and windburned skin, and this one does the trick.Has a light fragrance but no flavor.

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