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Sheena R.
Easier Than Regular Lashes!!

OK, I have always loved some full lashes so I’ve used every lash in the past but this was my first time trying out the magnetic lashes and I’m hooked!! The eye lined is so smooth to apply, takes second to dry and the lashes attach flawlessly. They didn’t move with wear and look great!! This box comes with 5 different lash types so a more natural one all the way up to some very bold/dramatically full lashes. I don’t even know that I will go back after these magnetic lashes! Easily the smartest lash purchase you’ll make!

Aira C.
Easier to apply than traditional eyelashes

Easier to use than traditional eyelashes. I love that there is no sticky mess. You do not have to wait for glue to dry or have to mold the lashes before adhering. However I noticed that one you lift off eyelashes the trip of eyeliner comes off too. You will need to reapply. Quality of eyelashes are soft and wispy. The set have several volumes to try.
easy to use with several options to try. Cheaper then buying individual eyelashes

Virginia L.

Packaging was great I was impressed with the tweezers as well. I was expecting the plastic ones they normally send. Very easy to apply the eyeliner and eyelashes easily attach to it. Make sure you put the lashes on before the eyeliner has a chance to dry tho. I'm definitely a newbie when it comes to this and they worked great. I attached a picture of one done, and one not so you could see the difference.

Karla G.
Great for beginners!

Great for those who are tired of messing with glue and cutting the lashes to fit your eye shape.

I was nervous about the softness of the band and lash itself but this is so so fluffy and soft. It’s comfortable to wear and easy to apply. I find it easier to apply the liner with my own brush but the liner itself is very pigmented and doesn’t budge until you wash your face with warm water.

Mae P.
Worth It!

This is one of the best Magnetic Eyelashes kits I’ve tried so far.
They are easy to use, I usually wait about 3 minutes for eyliner to dry before applying lashes. They are flexible and lightweight, I can comfortably wear them for 8-10 hours.
Length is a bit dramatic for me to wear with bare face, but they still look natural and cool, especially with full makeup.

Angel J.
Great once you get the hang of it

I bought a very similar product back in December. It's the same style of eyeliner (container is the same too). The eyeliner goes on smooth. Its vey easy to make too thick of a line, so use a light hand. I found it takes a little practice to get a secure connection but once you get down the process it's fairly quick. I purchased this set because it had 5 different style of lashes.

Levi L.
Strong Lashes

I’ve been practicing with magnetic lashes for a while now (and trust me, you need to practice), and I’ve had the most success with these so far. They hold well if you put an adequate amount of the eyeliner (particularly on the inner corner), and they’re no heavier than other brands. I highly recommend tightlining your eyes one advance with a black gel or pencil liner, otherwise they look out of place. This kit also includes one pair that is much shorter than the rest, and those look far more natural.

Rose H.
Love these eyelashes

These eyelashes are absolutely gorgeous. It literally only takes 3 seconds to put and they last alll day. Ive even slept in them and they were still on inthe morning. I will most definitely be ordering these lashes again. You dress them down or up as they are very full and voluptuous.

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