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Elise V.R.

I'm in the process of growing out my hair and this product has been a lifesaver! I've been using the product for a little over a month and I can already tell the difference. I will apply the product directly to my problem areas and rub it into my scalp, in addition to adding it to my shampoo. The product is lightweight and never makes my hair feel oily/greasy, even when applying directly on the scalp. I loved it so much that I bought another bottle before my first one even ran out. Give this product a chance; I'm so glad I did!

Michael D.
Quality Product!!!!

This product is amazing. I noticed a lot less shedding in just one week of use, it has a refreshing smell and manages to make my scalp feel renewed after each use. I will definitely keep using this product and recommend it to anyone.

Mary G.
Given time, this is effective.

I wanted to not rush my review of this product so that I could give a fair and true testimony for this product. It has been 2 months using Revitalin. I have always had fine thin hair, but now that I am in my 40's, hair fall out has increased a lot, and I am noticeably thinner than my already normally thin hair. This has made me want to do something about my hair, and so I have switched to a sulfate-free ph balanced shampoo, I have started taking vitamins, and I regularly use Revitalin Hair Growth Serum. After using this serum hair fall out decreased a lot and the texture of my hair has improved. It wasn't until after two months of use that my hair was noticeably fuller and the hair around my face seemed thicker. I like how easy this product is to use; I take the bottle with me in the shower and add a few drops to my shampoo in the palm of my hand when washing my hair. If I skip shampooing for the day, I apply the serum directly to my scalp at night. Again it has been 60 days of using this product in this way and I still have a third of the bottle left, so I feel it is a good value. I will continue to use this product.

Janet G.
Easy to use and does not make your hair greasy

I have only used this product for a couple of weeks and I have been using it every day, I can see a difference. Very easy to use and does not leave your hair greasy, so you do not have to wash hair every time you apply.

Margaux F.
Worth giving it a shot!

I've got the traditional male thinning hairline in front and losing hair in the back/top. I like this product because my hair is thick and very full in all other areas and I don't want to promote hair growth in any other areas than those 2 specific problem areas. This product can be applied to all of your hair/head by mixing with shampoo, OR by directly applying it to specific areas which is what I'm doing. I have not been using it long, but I think it's working already. I plan to continue to use it for at least a month to see if there are clearly visible results, but so far I'm happy with it for the short amount of time used.

Juliet B.
Hair is growing

Just started using it at the top of my head after 1 week I see a little hair growth. I use it twice a day the sides don't have that much new growth. I'll keep using it to see. Hope I can give an opportunity to reevaluate after the bottle is empty.

Sam J.
My hair isn't falling out anymore!!!

OMG, I have had this product for about 4 weeks now. I used it initially on my scalp then added it to my shampoo. I have a tub catcher in my drain for hair and there is less and less every time and my brush has less and less every day. I am loving this!! Even the broken hairs near the scalp are growing! I am almost 67 and I color my hair. It's working!!!

Alexa B.
It works I promise

I don’t write these normally, but I was losing confidence, because my hair was falling out. I used a product that caused my upper mid part of my hair to just burn out pretty much. Over a month, I have been using this, & my hair is growing back. I also drink water, & made sure I took naps. This product is by far the best, I did everything, now I’m gonna work on fixing my receding hairline next! I also used a serum shampoo every 2 to 3 days to go with it.

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