BeLite Full HD 1080P Car DVR Built-in WiFi 160 Degree Wide Angle Dashboard Camera, G-Sensor,Loop Recording



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Russel B.
Best dashcam

First and best Dash-cam I ever brought. The adhesive is still good after almost a year of use. Can withstand high heat in summer weather. Instructions of installation was simple and straightforward. Picture quality was HD and very clear to see in the dark. Having a dashcam is worth it and it is like extra insurance but small investment for a long-time return.

Chris M.
Works great! Peace of mind!

I've only had this a few months, and I've pulled the memory card out a few times to check that videos are good and not getting corrupted. So far, so good.

I'm using a SANDISK 64Gb microSD that I had on hand with no problems. Haven't needed the videos for anything yet (knock on wood!), but there's a peace-of-mind knowing I have this in case something DOES happen.

Durrel F.
Clear pictures!

I have had this for a month now. It is very stealthy and hardly noticeable where mounted. So far i had one incident where i wanted to pull the video. I locked the video and brought it up on my computer. The quality was amazing and it locked the file correctly. It always turns on with the car and has many great features. I would say on of the best dash cams i have had. I would recommend and buy again.

George R.
Impressive picture quality for the price

Recently purchased so can't comment on durability, but I have been extremely impressed with the image quality both day and night. The only thing I would like to change is to add an option where you can make the display screen default to OFF when the unit powers on and requires to push the screen button to power the screen on. I don't want the distraction at night and it gets tiresome to turn the screen off every time you start the vehicle. It's very rare that I would need to look at the screen anyway.

Cory D.
I was trying to buy something good for less than $100 so I spent hours watching ...

This is my first dash camera. I was trying to buy something good for less than $100 so I spent hours watching videos on Youtube comparing recording quality. I've found better quality only on the few dashcams that were 4-5 times more expensive than this camera. After receiving it I checked its videos and I\m very satisfied. I recommend to use high endurance memory cards only

Erick S.
Awesome Camera

It works great. Picture is very clear and it's nice to know that it can see the blind spots that I as a driver can't, so I don't have to worry about anything not being captured. My only gripe is that often times (maybe 1/4 of the time) the camera doesn't turn on when I turn on my car on. This may be an issue on my end if I have not plugged it the right fuse into my car, but based off of the research I've done I believe the camera is at fault for sometimes not powering up. Overall it's a great camera though and worth the bu

Colbert S.
Clear, small, easy to install

I love this cam - it's clear, and even at 75+ miles an hour against a determined hawk - you can see some great detail. I also purchased the optional GPS for speed. FYI - the video is crystal clear in the original

Art W.

Let me start of by saying, I’ve owned a lot a lot of dashcams including big name brands like Rexing V1 with 4K video recording. But I will say this for sure, this dashcam exceeds all my last dashcams by along shot! For the low price this camera is priced at, it is a bargain! The Rexing V1 costs double and it isn’t as good as this dashcam. I know the V1 records in 4K and this records in 1080P only, but for some reason the resolution makes it so much easier to read the license plates even at night. This is the best dashcam ever. Totally recommend it!

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BeLite Full HD 1080P Car DVR Built-in WiFi 160 Degree Wide Angle Dashboard Camera, G-Sensor,Loop Recording