Brussh 2 IN 1 Shower Body Brush with Bristles & Loofah Back Scrubber Sponge with Long Curved Handle

Color: Light Pink


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Olivia C.
Nice brush

This brush is a good tool to wash and massage my back.
The bristles on these are crazy soft and exfoliate really lightly. I tried them out for the first time and I love them! Not harsh at all and leave my skin feeling softer.

Amor P.
Great to clean hard to reach places

I am 70 years old and the joints are not as flexible as they used to be. I purchased the body brush to wash my back and by feet, but when I started using it, it helps in a lot more places. The loofah is great and the brush is soft, yet firm enough to exfoliate rough skin as well. I wish I had thought of this before.

Veron L.
The best accessory to your shower

Wow! Yep that’s what I said when using. Super soft and wonderful way to shower. I have issues bending so using not only for cleaning my back but legs and feet also. The brush side is firm but soft and doesn’t rip up your skin. To sanitize I recommend putting through dishwasher cycle top rack with no dryer mode. (Trick I do with many brushes etc. but note I don’t have dishes when doing it.)

Allan P.
Get your girl this

My girlfriend love this. She’s had 2 before. Ended up falling apart or was too rough. This seems to be perfect. The bristles are fine and softer for scrubbing. The loofah is soft. Handle is long for reaching. Good buy and good price.

Jacky M.
Does the job great!

I'm due to have hand surgery in a few days and desperately needed a decent back brush. I bought the white and the pink, and they're great. They'll surely make washing my back much easier after the surgery. The bristles are soft and feel very good on my skin. I also prefer the plastic handle versus a wooden one. I highly recommend them.

Penelope C.
Very nice

I like this a lot, especially the brush. The bristles are denser and softer than brushes I have had before. I bought this to assist with showering while I recover from hip surgery. They give you a long handled sponge. While the handle on this item is not quite as long, it works so much better, it is worth it. If you are very tall or have a big belly to reach around, you may want to look for something with a longer handle though.

Cynthia W.
It does get soapy!

I was afraid this wouldn't actually get soapy or clean. It actually does - lots of suds. It is actually a really cool idea for face/body scrubbers - so much less of a chance for bacterial build-up.

Lucy J.
Two In One

I had two brushes, one with bristles and one with the loofah. I was going to replace the bristle brush but so glad I found this one. Now I only have to hang one brush/loofah in the shower and no need to pick up two different brushes. The bristles are not too strong or soft-just right and the loofah suds up even better than the one I had.

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Brussh 2 IN 1 Shower Body Brush with Bristles & Loofah Back Scrubber Sponge with Long Curved Handle