LPS Multiple Socket Shelf Wall Outlet Extender and Surge Protector | 6 AC Outlets, 2 USB Ports



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Sabrina P.
Very useful, well-designed, practical. Useful!

The outlet shelf it’s just kind of perfect! The nice thing about it is say you can’t have it in the kitchen. I’ll kinds of cords you need to plug in. But this outlet gives you side plugs and those are able to snug against the wall instead of sticking out and having to be managed somehow. The shelf is just the right size to hold chargers, a phone… Very useful well-designed idea!

Jane S.
Now I have power to everything

I needed something for a ton of plugs plus usb chargers that wouldn’t look to bulky. This fit perfectly under my desk and now I have a hole for everything. It’s a fast charger and all of the outlets work great. I plan on buying more. Very simple and so much better than a basic extension cord or outlet.

Allan P.
Five HUNDRED Stars for this!

Firstly see my video review for details. But in the meantime, here's why I like this better invention than sliced bread!!

1. I had two outlets. Now I have EIGHT.
2. I had zero USB charging ports. Now I have 2.
3. I had to use precious desk space to charge my Galaxy Note 5. Now I can put it on the tray that's included.
4. My equipment is protected by a surge protector.

Really a great product. Everyone should fill their houses with these. :)

Highly recommended.

Michael F.
all in one

For the first time, use a socket with a small shelf. In addition to the two plugs of wires, there are two USB sockets. I like the small shelf on the socket best. It can put small things and mobile phones. It's very practical.

Nikko M.
Easy to install and use

This outlet socket with shelf was easy to install, all I had to do was remove my outlet plate and then plug in this set up with the included screw right into the existing outlet. The screw adds stability to be able to set your devises on the shelf with confidence. So far all the ports have charged anything we plug in, from laptops, to phones, bluetooth speakers, smart watches and mini humidifiers. I love having this multi port charger with shelf installed in my livingroom, so even when guests come by they can have access to usb charge ports for their phones

Melody E.
Perfect for my kitchen!! I love this!!

I highly highly recommend one of these in someone’s kitchen or any outlet that gets tons of popularity. I put these in one of my kitchen outlets because we always wanted to have multiple things plugged into that one outlet but never could and always had to unplug and plug in different appliances.

- Super easy to use. Plug it in and you’re good to go they even have a screw for you if you wanted to screw it into the back plate so it doesn’t shift and that’s also super helpful
- I was worried that if a lot of the outlets were being used the power wouldn’t be that strong but it’s actually really strong and I don’t even notice a difference with all the outlet

Lindsay W.
Great for the kitchen

I installed this in my kitchen because I can put my smart home device on top and plug everything else around it. So far its been safe! It has a little screw to screw into the outlet. One of the star markers is for travel, this is not made for travel as it screws into the wall for stability. You don’t neeeed to use that but its just not made for travel. But other then that its handled all my kitchen appliances like my toaster, can opener, and food processor.

Richard P.
Simple to install, works great, at home and or on the go.

Super simple installation, I used a screwdriver to remove the wall plate and used the included long screw to put this into permanent place. Less than a minute total to get this going.

I love the top shelf aspect for holding a phone or device being charged and having not only surge protected 3 prong outlets but also 2 usb outlets makes this unit the perfect addition to the outlet next to my couch where I sit at night and am always fumbling around to find a cord and place to charge my phone.

You can remove the long screw that holds it in permanent place btw and just plug it into any outlet without removing the front plate.

I think I may unscrew it and take it with me for traveling at times, in hotels I generally need more than the two outlets next to the bed and having the surge protection, the shelf and USB ports all in one it will be super handy!

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LPS Multiple Socket Shelf Wall Outlet Extender and Surge Protector | 6 AC Outlets, 2 USB Ports