Lush™ Green Tea Matcha 2-in-1 Exfoliating Scrub & Detox Mask

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Crystal B.
Very good scrub

So I have been using this scrub for about 3 weeks. I have sensitive skin and I did not break out. my face is silky smooth. I use it twice a week on my body in the shower. Great exfoliant. This will be added to my skincare routine for the future.

Brianna K.
Healed my hormonal acne!

Okay no joke guys!! I almost never write reviews unless I absolutely hate it or love it and thankfully... I LOVE IT. Look at my skin!! I’ve been dealing with hormonal acne (or what I thought it was) for 10 months and now a week later after switching to this product, my skin is healing! I haven’t had a breakout this entire time... that’s crazy. Plus, it smells friggen amazing and it’s semi moisturizing, I find my face kinda tight afterward but I just end up putting Vitamin C moisturizer on. If you’re struggling like I was, give it a shot! Nothing to lose :)

Kristin L.B.
Amazing Product!!!

This product is simply Amazing & it smells extremely good. I’m really in love with how soft it makes my face feel. I can’t wait to order more❤️❤️🙌🏽😘😘

Sheryl C.
Best Skin products I've ever used!!!

First of all I want to say that I was very happy that I got my products sent to me on time and that the package was exactly what I ordered. I've ordered many products on Ooala before, and not all of them have arrived on time nor was the package what I ordered. Also, the products are packaged very well as if every scrub is getting shipped to a friend or family member. I also want to tell all of you out there that I love these products. I have suffered from dry skin all my life but after using the Lush Exfoliating Scrub, I noticed a difference in the way my skin felt right away.

Ashton B.
Helps with semi oily skin

Gave this product A good three weeks before writing this review. I hands-down believe this is one of the best facial cleansers I have ever purchased. I’ve seen a lot of skin improvement over the last three weeks, and less dark spots, and very few breakouts.
I noticed prior to my skin was starting to dry. This product also helps with the moisture. (I did add a separate moisturizer of my own)
Didn’t dry out my skin terribly.
Will be many more purchases of this.

Sabrina P.
Love this product

I love this product! I have a very oily t-zone and am prone to hormonal acne around my jawline. This product has drastically reduced my afternoon oily face. Additionally, I haven’t had a real break out since I bought it about a month ago! I wash my face with it at night and in the morning. I’ve noticed a smoother complexion as well. Bonus: It smells great.

Jane S.
Holy Grail for Sensitive&Dry Skin

In two weeks of use, my skin's condition has improved drastically! I have sensitive dry skin and react to E V E R Y T H I N G but this lotion has done wonders adding moisture and clearing up my complexion. It's a bit on the oily side (which I like since I tend to do dewy makeup) but it absorbs quickly under makeup and adds a nice "glass" look.

Melody E.
I am in love!!!

I’m in love with this product. I had my senior photos the other day and my skin was breaking out like crazy. So I went onto Ooala to try to find something that could clear up my sick in less than a week. Well let’s just say I wasn’t expecting much, I used the face wash for 3 days every night, and my sick looks amazing and feels amazing. I will no longer be going to the dermatologist and spending all my money there when I can just use this product that actually works. I’m am so happy with how my face turned out. I have already recommended this product to all of my friends!!! I’m in love!!!!

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