Luxskin Blackhead Remover | Pore Electric Vacuum with 6 Replacement Suction Head



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Heidi S.
Excellent product!

This is an excellent product! The suction power is great, but if you have a more delicate skin type, I suggest you use a soft to normal setting.

Donna C.
Great product - even better price

I LOVE this product and have recommended it to my closest friends. The price is great, it comes with four different heads which all work great for different purposes. My personal favorite is the smallest one because it can get into the creases around your nose so easily. Suction is strong but does not damage skin. I have very soft and sensitive skin so I feared it would leave marks but it has helped clean my pores and prevent any further break outs.

Joanna M.
Good investment over pore strips

We usually buy pore strips and decided to pay a bit more for a tool for this. Cool lighting feature to highlight areas that need attention. Did a really good job of cleaning out clogged pores. Suction is really strong, but does not irritate sensitive skin. This was a good choice for us because of sensitive skin/sulfate allergies that can make it hard to use chemically based pore treatments.

Jamaica G.
good personal tool

This product is very useful for the ciding of the skin of my face I have used it several times and also in my daughters it is easy to use they can handle it without problems, extract the black spots from a fast and delicate way to not hurt my skin I like because thanks to this I have been able to have a much cleaner and healthier face.

Cristine N.
Wow....finally a blackhead remover tool that actually works

I have tried different blackhead remover tools in the past with very poor results. This little gadget was just what I needed. I suffer from blackheads and acne across my nose and cheeks primarily and occasionally on my chin. The first time I used it I didn't read the directions and it didn't work at all. After going back and following the directions it worked like a charm. I primarily use if after a hot shower and it is very effective. I use the skin exfoliating probe first, then use the blackhead remover tip and the blackheads are removed very easily. I would definitely recommend this tool to anyone who suffers from blackheads and has trouble extracting them with just your hands or a washcloth.

Charmaine M.
Great suction of pores

This is one of those times you're simultaneously amazed by what comes out of your face and then slightly weirded out knowing it came from your face. It's a great little suction tool. Definitely cleans out your pores and makes your face feel clean and smooth. Works a lot better than those pore strips for sure. I also like how easy it is to clean after use.

Kendra K.
Love it!

I've been having adult breakout acne for a while now. After starting laser resurfacing, the acne started to go away and blackheads started showing up.
Got this little vacuum to help with the Blackbeard and this thing really works. Also really easy to use.

Dylan B.

Covid 19 caused delays ... but it was very slow. I can’t say it was the sellers fault

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Luxskin Blackhead Remover | Pore Electric Vacuum with 6 Replacement Suction Head