Vozzby Ultralight HandsFree Bluetooth Business Earphones

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Joyce C.
Nice product!

This bluetooth earpiece is amazing. It connects with bluetooth which makes it super easy and convenient because of the lack of wires. As well, it is waterproof and I the sound works very well. It is very clear and doesn’t glitch. It is by far the best one i’ve had because the others broke very easily or glitches when I was speaking to someone. This one is very loud and clear. Overall great product.

Martina C.
Good quality at a good price.

A very comfortable earpiece with multiple size tips to fit any ear perfectly. Digitals Inc provides great sound quality, volume and volume control for a great price.

Susan T.
Fits well..Good quality audio !!!

I'm very satisfied with the quality and durability of this product.
I recently had to replace my old unit which I really wore out by constant use over the last couple of years.
It took me 2-3 days to get used to it because these are bit different in shape than my old one.
Very comfortable with outstanding sound quality.The battery life is good.
It comes with different sized ear-buds which were easily interchangeable.
I highly recommend this item to anyone that spends a lot of time on the road and needs a high quality Bluetooth headset.

Kelsey B.
Nice product

It's a very nice product. I am using it with my iphone 11 and it's much compatible. It connects with Bluetooth which makes it very easy and convenient because of without wire. Sound quality is also very good and clear. This really helps me to take office calls and listen music on headphone.It's easy to pair and easy to operate. It works perfectly as I use it in my car as well. Overall it's a great product.

Karyll C.
Worked as it should

PROS: Easy to pair. Easy to operate. "Double tap" call back feature. Nice size & lightweight.

CONS: The earpiece part was too big for my ears. Doesn't announce what number's calling.

Overall, it worked fine.

Victor M.
Good Quality

I have been using a bluetooth earpiece since 2006. This is by far the most comfortable, easy to use earpiece I've ever had.

Crissy R.
Could've been great

I love the size of it, returned it before I got to use it because I didn't realize that I needed a dongle for the particular phone I have.

Minda L.
I can hear clearly now

I go through these things like crazy because I move around all day long. This is one that stays put in my ear AND sounds great! The people I’m talking to quit complaining of all the background noise and “crunchiness”, as my wife calls it, with this ear piece. Great value!

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