Spavu Silicone Bath Body Brush | Double-Sided Scrubber

Color: Purple


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Rose H.

This device is super helpful. I’ve had a few surgeries and it’s been rather difficult to reach certain areas since this device allows me to reach all over without bending or twisting in ways that I physically can’t anymore.

Mark W.
Super Soft and Loving It!

I feel SOOO much cleaner using this back scrubber than I ever did use a washcloth! It has a non-irritating texture. Plus, the little numbers on the backside are perfect for putting shower lotion on where I can't reach. Very easy to clean when taking a shower. Glad that I made this purchase.

Jamaica G.
Great reach and excellent scrubbing

I've been looking for a bath brush like this for a long time. I sweat a lot, especially my back, and I didn't want anything abrasive. This brush is awesome! It's super comfortable. Easily lather it with soap and wash off once you're finished. I love this brush so much. Feels great and so much better than other brushes I’ve used in the past. Will highly recommend this to everyone.

Heidi S.
Where’s the soap?

I really like the feel of the soft rubber. It’s a good length and it feels great. My only problem was it didn’t hold or make bubbles. I had to stop and apply more soap to skin. Otherwise great!!

Donna C.
Highly recommend!

The product is as described. Double-sided, two distinctly different textures. Lathers well, soft enough to conform to the body.Great product to scrub your back area. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Cristine N.
Great to clean your back!

I liked it a lot to wash my back. Very flexible. I only gave it 4 stars as I wish it was a little longer. It would have made it easier for me to use. I am 78 & have arthritis.

Joanna M.
Pretty decent soft silicone scrubbers

It's much more durable than a cheap loofah but it doesn't hold suds as best as them. I do like the fact that the silicone bristles aren't tough. The harder side has decent grip, easy to clean.

Charmaine M.

I love this silicone body brush! Lathers great, scrubs great, you don't a whole lot of soap to get a good lather. One side is soft and the other is a bit rougher, I used both sides, and my skin felt good.

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Spavu Silicone Bath Body Brush | Double-Sided Scrubber