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Robin P.
Works perfectly

The magnet is strong enough to go around the corners of the tank without coming off, and it does a good job cleaning. Can't complain. I use this for both my Nano tanks (2.5 and 5 gallons) and bigger tanks (10 and 15 gallons) and the small size works just fine. I have sand substrate in half of my aquariums, and thus far I haven't gotten any scratches! Unlike a sponge cleaner, the sand doesn't really get stuck in the material this is made out of. It's basically the rough side of Velcro, so the sand falls right through it.

Jessica A.
Best algae remover ever

Pleasantly surprised with this product. Honestly, the reviews sold me, and I am so glad they did. I have NEVER had such an easy & fast time cleaning my tank. Not having to get my arm soaked is wonderful.

The magnets are super strong, simple to use, very efficient in cleaning algae off the sides of the glass, fast, and just amazing.

Bonna S.
Time Saver!

I bought this for my dad's 80-gallon tank after seeing the aquarium maintenance guy use a larger one for the larger tank at my workplace. Super easy to use, and my experimental cleaning of two sides took maybe 10 minutes. You do have to go at a steady pace. Too fast and the magnets have a hard time keeping up.

The inside surface is like the hook side of industrial Velcro and the outside is a soft flannel-like material. Works great!

joseph a.
Fantastic algae scrubber

This is an amazing product. I don’t know why I only thought about ordering it now. It works as it should in scrubbing off algae on a tank.
I purchased a small for a 10-gallon tank and it’s perfect. It’s sturdy, works well, and appears to be made of great quality. I’m very pleased with this purchase and highly recommend it.

stephen h.
Love it! So easy!!

Ohhhhhh I sooooo love this product! I hate cleaning my fish tank.!! I have a 45 gallon and it would take all my arm strength to clean 2 sides then do 2 the next day. Yuck. 7 days later do it again. Was just about to get rid of a tank of 10 years. Thought I'd try this and within 5 minutes had one side done. I went on and did the whole tank. Little strength is needed; this is a great invention! And it does a lot better job than I was doing before. Way better. Love it!

Eli M.
Works Great

This totally works! I had my doubts, but the magnet is super strong-- if you move the handle from one wall to another it snaps right onto the new wall. It even nudges the rocks on the bottom over to allow cleaning of the lower glass. Of course, you are just wiping the algae off the glass, so you need a filter to suck up the loosened gunk (or it's just mixing into the water.) But I am definitely pleased with this product.

Richard A.
Should cleaning the aquarium be this much FUN?

I saw the videos of this item and thought "Wow if it works that good!" Well it DOES work that good and it's very fast. Cleaned the 55 gal. tank in less than 10 minutes, and it was filthy! It's fun too! They make very expensive toys that get pushed around a sand table by magnets underneath. This was like that. Right down to the rock bottom, pushing those rocks around the edges and seeing the scum drift away towards the filter. I'm excited about a product that works so well and is easy to use! One reviewer said she preferred a rag? No way, this glass cleaner works so much nicer! Buy it!

Steffany N.

My tank looks cleaner than it ever has. Cleans glass inside and out at the same time.
Easy to use and very strong magnets insure that it won't come apart while in use. The cleaner can't get those little round spots off, but I have never found a magnet type cleaner that could remove those. I have to use some major elbow grease to remove them. It is great for algae though, and I love how clean it makes my tank look!

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