MakePro 12 pcs Makeup Brushes Set Perfect for Eye Makeup

Handle Color: Brown


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Donna C.
Great quality, affordable brushes

These brushes are soft and are great for everyday application. Several of the brushes are similar in shape, but I can never have too many blending brushes. They diffuse eyeshadow beautifully but can also be used to build up color. They also feel higher quality than I expected in regard to weight/stability/etc. I would definitely recommend these!

Rose H.
Beautiful colors

I like them. They are pretty good for their price. Even though I don't use like 4 of the brushes I still like them.

Krisha G.
Did not disappoint me

I won’t lie. I didn’t fully think these brushes would work when I first seen them. I really purchased them for the small fan brush. But!...They did not disappoint me. I am able to use ALL of the brushes. The blend ability is flawless especially for the price! And they are pretty!

Sheena R.
Very soft and easy to use

These are very nice brushes. I've had them for about a month and havent noticed any shedding.

Jeanne K.
Super Nice Make Up Brushes

I want to say these are super nice makeup brushes there soft and hold makeup very well. I have had makeup brushes that were more expensive and eyeshadow you’ll drop under my eye but these hold eyeshadow and other powdered makeup very well also they come in a black bag so you don’t have to worry on buying a bag for them. I went and bought another set for my daughter and she loves them as well and says they hold very well and are soft but not to soft.

Susan T.
Super Fluffy

I'm not picky with my brushes, I just need something to deposit the colors to my lid & something fluffy to blend it out. I've tried name brand & cheap ones from elf & wet n wild. It's not about the brand, its just about how fluffy the brush is & if your patient enough to blend. I love buying cheap sets like these

Crissy R.
Amazing Brushes

I can't say enough good things about these brushes for the price point I was blown away. My advice to you is buy it buy buy buy it! No regrets at all. I will most definitely telling people about these AMAZING BRUSHES. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. I am completely satisfied and will definitely be shopping from this seller again.

Kylie M.
Super Soft and Nice Color

I bought these just to try them because of how cute they looked, turns out they're actually pretty decent brushes! I had purchased a brush set from Morphe, also in rose gold, and these are honestly similar quality. I was nervous because of how affordable they are but they're holding up pretty good after a few uses, I have yet to see any of the bristles fall of! AND they're SUPER SOFT! Every brush in the set is different. Great product for the price!

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MakePro 12 pcs Makeup Brushes Set Perfect for Eye Makeup