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Sharon F.
It's so great for checking myself out

This is a product I didn't know I needed until I bought one. It's so great for checking myself out, whether it’s a blemish or just my beauty haha. Tbh the main thing I use it for is plucking my eyebrows and removing blackheads. I totally want to buy one for my sister.

Rosalie J.

Great product. I have one and love it so I purchased one for my adult daughter for her birthday. She could believe the difference. She said, “I feel like before I was putting my makeup on in the dark.”

Roxanne J.
Worthy purchase!

This is a great mirror for makeup & just in general! I've had the mirror for a few months now and I haven't had an issue with it. The brightness is just enough, I feel for sure. Does the job great! It was worth every penny. I recommend this product!

Genevieve A.
Worth the Upgrade

Love this mirror! I used to use a cheaper version of a similar mirror without a light, and let me tell you this was a HUGE upgrade! What a difference. It's nice to see everything more clearly and it almost takes the place of natural light! I would highly recommend trying it!

Beverly C.
Perfect On the Go Vanity

I used this mirror when I had a lot of roommates. I liked this mirror a lot because I could bring it into the kitchen or living room and do my makeup there instead of waiting in the bathroom. You can see your makeup really well and have no complaints! I have never traveled with it.

Katie S.
I like this mirror

I like this mirror! It's compact. The lighting leaves a little to be desired, as I still need to apply makeup in a room with decent lighting.

Tracy M.
What do I Know???

I've never owned one of these. Purchased for my daughter for Xmas. She recently moved out and took the mirror with her. I've always used a little handheld round mirror couldn't tweeze my eyebrows for the love of God.. All the poor reviews, it's too dim and blah blah.. well if you never owned one and used this you realize what you've been missing. Having never had one, I couldn't tell you if it was dim or cheaply made. I loved it, so I just ordered one for myself. I won't look into a more expensive one as I might get hooked and spend more cash out of pocket when this mirror for me does a perfect job.

Love L.M.

I've always wanted one of these! And it's crazy how well it works. The mirror is very clear but my favorite part about this product is the lighting. It's really bright and acts as if it's natural light so you can really see any errors in your makeup. Love it!

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ReflectionLab Vanity Mirror with Lights | USB plug-in, 90-degrees Rotation