Maui Frog Potty Training Urinal Toilet for Boys Toddler with Funny Aiming Target

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Amor P.
Highly recommended for boy Moms

This was perfect for my 3.5yo. He had begun to show an interest in using a urinal. I let him pick out what color and it’s all worked out. I don’t feel that it’s too small for a small child like other reviews have stated. Also, small children don’t care that it’s animal themed, if anything it helps with their interest in it. I give him the option, “Do you want to pee on the potty or the froggie?” So pretty clear which is which. Empty and rinse immediately, otherwise great product. We love it. I did not use the suction cup and went with a conman hook on the bathroom wall.

Sabrina P.
Quicker to get to than the potty

I battle with my son a lot about potty time. I can tell he needs to go but he’ll refuse to sit on the potty. Since we got this it’s a lot easier to get him to try to go. He seems to be more okay with standing next to this than with getting up and sitting on the potty. Weird kid, but it works for me. And in an emergency he can get to this quicker than he can get on the potty. We’ve bought four of these for each bathroom in our house and for the grandparents houses so it definitely works for us. Only problem is his sister wants to use it too...

Jerico M.
Great device to help transition from sitting to standing.

It was time to teach my son to stand when he urinates. He was scared and wanted to sit. After purchasing to frog urinal I installed it with the double sided tape hook that’s included. My son was excited when he saw the frog and was intrigued by the spinner. After a little coaxing he gave it a try and laughed when he spun the wheel. He yelled out to me “Dad, I spin the frog!” To months later he’s gone from using this daily to once a week as he now just urinates directly in the toilet while standing. This is a fun, inexpensive tool to help your kiddo transition from sitting to standing.

Riley T.
great product. good price too

great product. good price too. Our 2 year old loves it, it's really accelerated his potty training. sticks to our tile walls fine although if your tile isn't smooth, it may not stick but you can use the sticker pads they provide as well. The funny thing is the first time my son saw it he thought it was a toilet that he could sit on to go #2 in and he tried to sit on it. Overall good quality for such a cheap price and like I said, has really accelerated his potty training. definitely a good purchase

Veron L.
Must have for potty training boys

This is so much easier for little boys to use than trying to stand on their tiptoes or a stool and pee into a full sized toilet. Very easy to use, my son has been peeing in this and emptying it by himself since he was about 2 and 1/2 (he's had a few spills). The suction doesn't work well with our wall but we mounted it to the wall and it hasn't moved at all. Overall I personally believe this is a must have items for little boys, especially for the price.

Cherry S.
Greatest potty for boy's!

Bought this for my youngest son, who turns 3 next month. We struggled with potty training so we kept putting it off, trying, putting it off. I nailed this to the wall and that was it. He was potty trained within days with hardly any accidents! I started with it in the living room, since the bathroom was so far. Then moved it to the bathroom. Now he uses the stool to use the actual toilet. We keep it up in case someone is in the bathroom he can run in and still go in an emergency. It's easy to empty and clean. Perfect size for a toddler. I did have to use a screw hook to hold it to the wall but that wasn't a big deal for us. Can't beat the price either. My son loved it. I was hesitant to buy it, glad I did!

Jasmin C.
Worked to get our son trained

My son was so back and forth on potty training, he had one or two days where he wanted to try and go, and then the next few days to a wk where he wanted nothing to do with it. We tried everything, sitting, a potty seat on the toilet, his own potty chair, standing on a stool and shooting floating cheerios, sticker charts, 2 M&Ms for peeing, and 5 M&Ms for poopy - nothing stuck. He did like the idea of standing more often so my husband said let’s try this little frog urinal I showed him. My son loves it. We got it for him in Nov, like a month after his 3rd bday. He tells us he wants to pee in "mr frog" and runs upstairs where we have it mounted. He used to aim for the red spinner tongue but now he just shoots in toward the bottom, and Im ok with that because the one downfall is the spinner does sometimes spray the pee back at him. Overall, very happy with this product, it really got my son over the potty-training hump.

Bella B.
Perfect for our little potty trainer

I was so tired of cleaning pee off the toilet seat and happy to use this cute little frog. My 19 month old loves to aim and make the tongue spin around. As other reviews have noted- sometimes the tongue gets stuck but it still serves as a good aiming spot. The suction cups did not work on our wall so we tried the command hook that came with the product- this worked for a few days but did not hold up against my boy who liked to hold on to the frog while peeing. my husband put a screw in the wall for it and now it stays put.

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