Wixi Wifi Internet Router with 4 Antennas | 64MB Wireless Router Repeater Comp with 802.11n Protocol



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Jackson J.
Very easy to set up and works great!

I bought this for my in-laws who live on a farm. They wanted to extend the wif in their house to a couple of barns within a couple hundred feet of the house. This extender was extremely easy to set up. It took me about 5 minutes to set it up. I tried plugging it into a couple of different locations which was also extremely easy to do. The ring around the power button turns red if the extender is unable to connect to the wireless router and blue if it is able. We were able to find a location that extended their wifi to both barns. They are very happy with this item. I was shocked at how far it extended their wireless network.

Chad S.
Works great. I use it in an above-garage studio to ...

Works great. I use it in an above-garage studio to connect to the network in an adjacent dwelling. My signal was unpredictable before installing this. Now it's very good.

Robin P.
Incredibly easy to setup and gets the job done!

Like others have mentioned, this thing is incredibly easy to set up, especially using the WPS setup option. Instead of relocating our existing router, which would have been a pain to do, this was what we needed. We were able to boost both 2.4GHz and 5 GHz networks with ease. The only caveat I noticed was that it kept renaming our 5GHz network to whatever it wanted - even after I manually changed it to match our 5GHz network.

joseph a.
Insecure {same} Passwords

Working well, but 1 gotcha which I have read, but didn't understand until now. Kind of a really dumb 'feature', imo... When you log into the 'feeder' signal with SSID & Password -- you'll have two new SSIDs on the extender you can set to anything, and you don't have to broadcast ANY SSIDs. But the stupidest/dumbest feature !!EVER!! is all three passwords cannot be changed and will always be THE SAME. If you know one, you know all three.

stephen h.
Excellent product

After a failed experience with on wifi extender I got this one after it was recommended to me by a friend. It works 1000 times better! I can video chat and stream with perfect clarity in my formerly dead zone. If you're reading this: it's worth spending the extra money to get this one.

Richard A.
a few kinks, but would recommend

At first I was getting slower speeds than if I connected to the main router. That's because I had only selected to show 2Ghz range. I did a factory reset, and selected to show both 2Ghz and Ghz bands, and I get the same fast speed as if I connected to the main router. I was trying to connect my PS4 to the extender, and I was getting really slow speeds. That's because PS4 only picks up 2Ghz. Good thing this device has an ethernet port, which I was able to connect my PS4, and I get the speeds I want. Only problem though, it's been 10 minutes, and the final management page is still trying to finish. Though I am connected to the extender and have internet connection. During the first set-up I close the window, and I was not able to get back onto the management page. Now sure how long I have to wait. Second thing, during the first set-up, some of my devices were connected to the extender, but were not getting any internet. Device showed that it was getting internet, and some of the devices were getting internet; however, mac and PS4 were not, and sometimes my iphone did not get any connection either

Michael J.
Great product. Far exceeds my expectations.

I bought this wifi extender with low expectations. I have a 3200 square foot house and thought I may need one for each floor. However, I am super happy I decided to try one at a time. Despite what I have read on some reviews, setting this thing up was a breeze and took maybe 10 minutes....max. I set it up for both bands. Then, I plugged it in on the same floor as my router and the range covers my entire house. No more dead spots and the speeds are much faster too. I couldn't be happier. As an added benefit, my wifi now extends far into my yard as well. Very happy.

Michael D.
Bought for my sanity at family member's house. WELL WORTH IT

My mother has no idea what wi-fi is. It was terrible going to her house to have no connection. The only connection was to a single desktop computer in the office with the modem. For my own sanity I looked up the cheapest well reviewed router on Ooala and found this one. Set it up super easy and it works just fine for me and my mother who I taught to set up her phone on it.

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Wixi Wifi Internet Router with 4 Antennas | 64MB Wireless Router Repeater Comp with 802.11n Protocol