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Claudia G.
Great filter

This is an amazing little filter. It took me awhile to find a HOB that would fit my five gallon tanks and that was affordable. I have two, each one is in a five gallon betta tank. I cut the filter pad open and dumped all the carbon out, then I filled the filter full of bio balls and some purigen in a bag. It does an amazing job keeping the water clean, and it has freed up so much more room in the tanks than my old internal canister. Plus the flow is adjustable, which my bettas love.

Vico C.
A great filter from the iconic Interstellar brand

As a former pet store owner, I know the value of Interstellar, while it's an often overlooked product line. I bought this filter for the low flow so I could float Seachem Denitrate media in my 20 gallon tank. That product needs a lower flow than my Aqua Clear filter so I added this one next to the Aqua Clear. It's perfect for my Betta - QUIET, adjustable flow rate and small in size so it actually fits right next to my full sized filter. HIGHLY recommended even as a stand alone filter in a small tank. You don't have to use or keep buying the cartridge filter media - you can layer some sponge, some biological and/or some poly and get triple the filtration. You can also add a small pre-filter sponge to the intake tube. That's a huge savings and better for your bio load in your tank, too. I don't use carbon but you can make a little bag of it too, if you want.

Katrina R.
Effective little filter

I used this filter in a 5.5 gallon tank.

As any aquarist would advise you, toss out the cartridge it comes with (or maybe keep it for the carbon if you are going to be medicating) and put your own filter floss and bio materials.

It is the *perfect* size for a 5.5 gallon tank and has the right amount of flow for a betta. Bettas, as you may know, require little flow and surface agitation so they do not get blown around and can make their bubble nests. Their water still must be filtered and this filter does a good job of adjusting the flow and has a generous amount of room to add your own filter media.

Highly recommended for 2.5 or 5.5 gallon betta tanks.

Elsa R.
Perfect for my small 5.5 gallon aquarium

Just installed this filter in our 5.5 gallon aquarium. Easy setup. I am using the original filter plus some 1 inch thick cut your own filter material and a small bag I made my self that has a zeolite. Had to slow down the return rate for my beta, two Cory catfish and the Amano shrimp. Easy to work with and clean. Pretty good directions too.

Joey D.
Overall, very pleased!

The people complaining about the small cascade 20 being loud either got a bad unit or didn't set it up right. When the filter isn't primed with enough water before starting, it can be loud. Once the water level in the filter is correct, it's dead quiet. I have a 2.5 gallon with a Betta, and on the lowest flow setting, the cascade 20 is perfect for preventing weird water stagnation and keeping the water cleaner. I was concerned that the lowest setting in the small 2.5 gallon tank would be too much current for my Betta, but so far he's not showing any signs of stress. Overall, very pleased!

Marvin M.
Better than the Bio Max Nano

I had been using a Bio Max Nano, but this one, while $5-10 dollars cheaper, is a little better in that it doesn't immediately punk out when the power goes out in my house (due to a storm, tripped breaker, or whatever). One of the two Bio Max Nano filters I bought burned out when the power went out, because when it shuts off not enough water stays in the reservoir. For some reason, the INTERSTELLAR Cascade Mini retains enough water to come back on. Anyway, I liked the first so much that I bought another.

Marivic L.
Awesome little filter!

Great little filter for the money! Took a bit to adjust the flow that was to my betas liking on my 5.2 gallon tank, but finally got it. Before installing I had just cleaned the tank, but was really amazed at the stuff that pulled out of the gravel that was still there! Although I don't recommend the filter cartridges... They're small and don't really do that great of a job. Use your own filter matter like fiberfill and activated carbon, it'll do a much better job for you! You can just about hear the water flow, but other than that is filter is silent. Compared to my previous filter, this is a thousand percent upgrade! My betta loves playing in the water flow that's been created within the tank. You can visibly see the oxygen being added to the tank with all the bubbles on the plant tips. It disassembles quite easily for cleaning. I recommend this filter oh, it's a great value and a good powerful product for keeping your aquarium water crystal clear!

Kimberly H.
Upping from 4 to 5 stars :)

I've only had it a week so no input on durability, but it's perfect so far. No leaks, quiet, and plenty of room to use your own filter media combo. The only reason I gave just 4 stars is because the filter cartridges made for it are not very good. Thin, sloppy fit and much of the water goes around it. I just buy media pads and cut to fit. Very easy, WAY better filtering, and cheaper in the long run. A 1/2" thick layer of carbon and a 1" thick layer of fiber fits perfect and flows great. I have it on a 5 gal betta tank and plumbed it over to an undergravel pickup on the opposite end of the tank and it has plenty of power to draw it through. Looks to be the same flow as with the regular pickup tube. My water level is even a couple inches low right now since it's a new tank I'm still setting up so the pump is working harder to lift the water than normal and should flow even better once I finish fill the tank. As long as it proves durable I'm very happy with it.

Update: It's been almost a year and it still works perfect. Silent, no leaks, no probs at all. Now 5 well earned stars. I purchased the Cascade 80 a couple months ago and it also has been perfect.

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