Ampulex Electric Mosquito, Insect Killer | Bug Zapper with 360 Degrees LED Trap Lamp for Indoor

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Joan J.
Freaking awesome

By far the best product I have purchased to help with fruit flies. I have tried bait traps and sticky traps but this one is the best. After only 4 days of using it only at night, I can say my problem has improved tremendously. It got to the point that all my shelf produce and fruit were getting spoiled too fast and now I only see one or two fruit flies where before I would see 10-15 in one spot. I definitely recommend you buy this if you have a fruit fly problem.

Leah J.
Great and Sleek Product

I usually don’t write reviews as much as I should as I depend on good reviews to make sound purchases. I wanted to write this review because I was looking for something without using chemicals on my plants indoors that would cause further harm than good. I found the Ampulex after reading a few reviews and I must say, it does the job and it does it very well. I live in a loft so light is abundant throughout the summer months and gnats appear everywhere. The energy cost if plugged in would be next to nothing and just a forewarning, this item does not come with a wall plug but rather a USB which I don’t mind as I plug it into my solar charger and works just fine. If you don’t have a battery bank, you can use an iPhone plug to connect it to your wall plug. So far, there were numerous gnats trapped in after only 30 minutes of being plugged in. So, I would recommend this product.

Roxanne J.
Easy to Use and Effective

I bought the trap to get rid of some drain flies that had appeared in my bathroom. It was easy to install and I used one of the dozen spare iPhone blocks I had to provide the required USB-A power. The trap is really quiet and trapped all of the drain flies over the course of about 4 weeks. I think the delay was more about the laziness of the drain flies (some of them could barely fly) than the effectiveness of the trap. The recommendation for putting a capful of apple cider vinegar inside the unit really works to speed up the capture process. So does placing a scented votive candle on top. I leave it running 24/7 with no issues.

Jerwin L.
Clappin Gnats left and right!

We bought 3 of these to deal with some gnats in some rooms, and they cleared up our pests in 2 days! To make sure you get maximum effectiveness, unplug or dim any night lights. You want the room to be completely dark so the bugs are attracted to only it, and it will suck up those critters all day. We just leave them running now and they haven't had any issues.

Macy E.
great bug trap

I had some small flies around the house. They are the kind grow from garbage that I sometimes forgot to put the trash into the trash can in the garage. It was so annoying that I made up my mind to buy a working trap. Saw this one has a relatively higher review. It’s a little pricy, but it works. You got to be patient, it takes about a week for it to get rid of 95% of the’s still trying to get rid of the last bit at the time of this writing

Samantha G.
Great device

We’ve been having a fruit fly issue in our home and have used a lot of glue traps and sprays and nothing has really killed the problem. The fruit flies always seem to come back. We bought this out of desperation and have been pleasantly surprised by how effective it’s been. I can’t speak to how it works with mosquitos and other pests but for fruit flies, this thing works great and it’s a fire and forget type of pest control. If I have one critique is that the instructions need to be clearer and in color with clear pictures. Also, it doesn’t come with a power supply. It comes with a USB cable and that’s it. I had to use an iPhone charger which I don’t like. Otherwise, if you have a fruit fly issue this is great and well worth the price.

Cristine R.

THIS WORKS! I just got this yesterday and I am already thrilled.

Like many of us right now, I am working from home. My dog (bless him) goes back and forth ALL day from inside to the patio, so I tend to leave the slider open so I don't have to let him out and back in 90 times a day.

With that, tons of tiny flies/gnats have made their way inside probably from my garden box, and they have been driving me NUTS.

I got this yesterday, immediately plugged it in and ran it on manual for the past 24 hours. There are already SIXTEEN bugs caught in the trap. I am totally satisfied with the product and am glad I went ahead and ordered!

Daniel G.
Working Great!

We keep a pretty tidy house. My wife repotted some house plants this fall and ever since we have been dealing with these little gnats, fruit fly types of insects. We live in Wisconsin and were gone for a couple of weeks this winter so I thought I’d drop the temp in the house and get rid of them. Will that didn’t work. We’d be sitting on the couch and all of a sudden there would be one. Just enough of them to be pesky. I thought we’d have to bug bomb the house but I didn’t want to do that as we didn’t want to have to wash everything down afterward and I was worried what the chemicals would do to the plants and if the dog might find any of the chemical residuals on anything.
I found this nice little gadget and thought I’d give it a try. It’s been working great. Best of all no chemicals. It comes on automatically at night. I just make sure the house is as dark as possible and have shut off night lights etc so the gnats are drawn to the device.

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Ampulex Electric Mosquito, Insect Killer | Bug Zapper with 360 Degrees LED Trap Lamp for Indoor