Haspex Men's Tactical Molle Pouch, Belt Waist Pack Bag, Travel Camping Bag

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Randall S.
Very Versatile Utility Bag

I purchased this bag to replace a canvas one that I had worn out from daily use when I travel. I like the size as it neatly carries my cell phone, battery bank, passport, travel papers, and my wallet. The included shoulder strap allows me to place the bag over my head and below one arm to securely keep track of my important travel items. There is even room for some local maps, small tourist books, and travel itinerary. The bag is made from lightweight nylon. Two zippered compartments each have an internal divider to keep things organized easily. The external pocket to keep my cell phone is adjustable to ensure my phone securely stays put but is quick to access with the strap. Additional external pockets for pens and small notepad make taking quick notes easy. The seams of the bag seem well made and of good quality. The bag can also be configured to wear on a belt or use the shoulder strap and configure it as a fanny pack. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and feel it will serve me for many years to come.

Nicolas R.
Why don’t more people have this?

A few years back, I saw a girl wearing a molle as an extra pocket for her things. Had to ask her all about it and told me she got hers on amazon. Couldn’t stop thinking about how badass it was. Finally got this one. Man it’s one of the better purchases I’ve ever made in my life. I wear it around my belt line and it’s extremely handy. I can keep a field guide notebook (very small notebook), two pens, a small skinny flashlight, a knife, my cigarettes, lighter, wallet and headphones all in one containment and I still have some room left. It can hold my phone but my phone is big and I prefer to keep it in my pocket. It’s high quality material and feels very nice to have around. The extra clip it has is very neat. I used to be a backpack carrier to and from work and there are times that I do need to carry additional items. I can not worry about fitting the molle inside the backpack. I just have to clip it and keep an eye on it. Very nice for any attentional inventory you may need to carry.

Francis R.
Most practical thing I've bought in a while.

I love this thing. I always end up carrying more stuff on my person than I have proper room for pockets. My choices were to start wearing cargo pants (not an option at my work), start wearing a fanny pack (my wife and friends would likely mock me relentlessly), start carrying a messenger bag (that is to say man purse - see fanny pack), or find something new. This is so useful. My wallet, phone, lighter, knife, flashlight, a pen...the only drawback is it feels kind of clunky. Granted it's a pouch I'm wearing on my belt so I think I'll just have to get used to it. Quality is good. I cannot complain about it. It feels sturdy and I've only had it about a day so my opinion might change - if it does, I'll edit this. I don't carry a handgun in it yet but by buying this, I also have justification to purchase a new small handgun. Either way I give this a solid 4 out of 5.

Jerson C.
Excellent. A game changed for me.

I am an Eagle scout, and I live the scout motto, "Be Prepared." This pouch is perfect for me. I wear this every day. It is amazing. Holds all the stuff I need, and replaces the phone clip for my belt. I bought one for my father because he works for a Boy Scout camp over the summer. I keep a flashlight in it too, and that has come in super handy. Had it almost a year.
Only downsides: fabric divider inside the second large pouch came apart with all the putting in and out. I keep a small spiral notebook there. That said, I don't care for the divider, and really didn't need it in there anyway. The rest of the pouch is well made and holds together very nicely, even with everyday use. Everything else is great.

Bill C.
Ideal for backpack and quick access

I am actually not wearing this on my hip. Because I live in California ;) I am using it as a bag organizer for my Samsung Galaxy S7 and wallet. The S7 is a big phone with a curved screen, this bag offers a padded pocket for the phone and wallet that I can secure in a backpack and pull it out when I need it.

The S7 and my wife's iPhone 6 Plus will not fit in the outside flap pocket with a case. An expensive phone without a case is like going to work without shoelaces. Bad things will happen. Put the phone in the inside pocket away from the aluminum key clasp.

Janno H.
Size does matter

For the price it's a great product. The size is perfect. Too perfect. My Note 8 will fit in one of the zipper pouches as long as I use this thin case or no case at all. Any case that is thicker than this will not fit. It will not fit in the front phone pocket with any case on. If you don't have a case it will fit but the material is a canvas type. The top backing of the clasp will be touching your phone. I did include pic.s to give you a better visual. That's too rough for my taste. There is VERY little give if any at all to the size of this pouch. It is not made to stretch. Anything you put in it takes up the limited space it offers. Over filling one pocket takes away from the other pockets. This pouch is designed for flat items. A leatherman. A phone. Maybe a SMALL flashlight. Overall I am happy with it because of the size. It serves its purpose for what I need it for. Could they have made it with any elasticity. Yes! But there is none. This comes with ordering online. We can read and look at all the photos we want but unless we have it in our hands we really won't know what we are getting. Remember there is no elasticity to this pouch so if you think you are going to stuff it making it fit. You are in for a disappointment.

Van H.M.
Perfect Fit and the Price was Right

For the price it's a great product. The size is perfect. My iPhone X fits upfront with its Mil Spec protective case and a pen. 1st zippered pouch has plenty of room for ID/CC/Cash/etc. (Plenty of room). The last zippered pouch can carry leather-man/small tactical flashlight, etc. (Plenty of room). There is no elasticity to this pouch so you're not going to jam it full of junk. Anything more, get a backpack. Overall I am happy with it because of the size. It serves its purpose. I also put the two straps through the webbing in the back for a tighter fit when on my belt.

Simon H.
Very useful Molle pouches!

I bought two packs of these, and it was a good deal! These are very useful pouches. I like the fact that they have two zippered compartments with internal compartments too, this keeps items separated nicely. There are also external slots for keeping items that need to be quickly accessed, I think this was designed well. There are two D rings on the exterior, one on each side, and there is a small spring loaded clip that is very useful. The material for the pouch appears to be of good quality. I would expect these pouches to last.

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Haspex Men's Tactical Molle Pouch, Belt Waist Pack Bag, Travel Camping Bag