Groomzy Cordless Hair Clipper – Two-Speed Control, Fast Charging, and Ultra-Low Noise

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Jeffrey B.
Best cordless clippers out there!

I hardly ever write reviews but I feel this one definitely deserves it. I’m no barber by any means. I only cut my own hair. I shave my head. These are amazing! I shaved my whole head and did a very thorough job. The blades are very sharp. The weight is nice and it’s very well made. I’ve gone through countless clippers in the past and these are a winner and here to stay. Price point, ease of use, easy to clean, and nice close cut. I am impressed.

Archie R.
Very powerful clippers

I only had 1 haircut with this and it is amazingly good. I bought this professional hair clippers because of that during this time all barbers are closed so I said I’m gonna have a home haircut, so impressions so far is very positive.

My hair grows fast and is very thick. I had my doubts that i'd get through a single haircut before having to recharge. They Charge very fast and last too long which is very good to have now, I think on one charge you can easily have 3 haircuts with no problem. I am very satisfied with it so far! Can’t wait for the next haircut to see how it goes.

Robert B.
Yes sir.

Anybody else forced to buy a DIY hair-clipping kit due to COVID-19? Well, I had to, and i'm glad I did! Thanks COVID! I will never pay to get my hair cut again, anywhere. I had to watch a crash course on youtube on how to do-it-yourself, but after a few sweeps of the buzzer and the assistance of a handheld mirror, i nailed it. I've charged it once so far, 2 months ago. I trim up probably once every a couple weeks, so do the math, and i still haven't had to recharge it. Battery is at 85% after 2 months. The clipper is quiet, heavy duty and top quality for sure. I am not a barber, so i have nothing to compare this to, but i can see why a salon or barber shop would love this clipper.

Patricia B.
Better than expected!

Wow! I was not expecting these! Since this quarantine I’ve been using beard clippers to cut my husband and 2 boys hair. And that was literally “not cutting it”. Got these today, 2 weeks earlier than expected, and wow! I’m just a mom that watches some YouTube and having the right tools really helps! Honestly I don’t think I’ll ever have to spend money on haircuts again. This product is amazing, heavy, sleek, quite, powerful. Better than expected for sure!

Herbert M.
Impressed so far

I only just got these, so I can't speak to longevity or durability, but my initial impressions out of the box and with 2 haircuts done is very positive. I have thick hair normally get my hair cut every 4-6 weeks. Since the corona virus has everything shut down and my hair won't stop growing i decided to literally take matters into my own hands.

My hair grows fast and is very thick. I had my doubts that I’d get through a single haircut before having to recharge. They were charged right out of the box and heavier than expected, but in a good way. After cutting my entire head and my sons as well it was still over 90% charged. The clippers had plenty of power and seem well made. I was very pleased with the quality and overall performance. A haircut and tip at my local national chain cost me about 1/3 of the price of these clippers, so if these last a year i will have saved considerable money vs. getting my hair " professionally" cut

Frederick P.
Great buy

I’ve always used trimmers on myself but I usually buy really cheap ones that don’t last. This trimmer has a good weight to it and trims very precisely. What I like a lot is the potential money savings this offers. I looked up how to cut a kids hair and it’s not complicated. I am going to save hundreds of dollars just by cutting my sons hair in the kitchen, instead of paying for haircuts all year. This trimmer is easy to use and I also like that I can charge it with a USB plug. That is huge. Great product!

Ivory C.
Helps with Cutting Baby Bangs

These have proven quite useful for cutting baby bangs on my daughters during the stay-at-home orders. Never thought I would have to cut hair! I sort of failed at the hair-cutting, actually. But the bangs turned out alright, thanks to having these clippers. 😁

Ivy G.
Feels very professional

I bought this for my husband as he was planning to get one for some time to clip his hair. He had used only beard trimmers before this. This one feels heavy and sturdy and holds charge for quite a long time. I have helped my husband to trim his hair on back of his head and sides couple of times. Compared to the beard trimmers, this feels so effortless and faster. He is quite happy with this clipper.

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Groomzy Cordless Hair Clipper – Two-Speed Control, Fast Charging, and Ultra-Low Noise