Xonique Microfiber Towels | Fast Drying, Super Absorbent & Ultra Soft Towel | 71x142cm

Color: Blue


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Jasmin C.

Oh man, Where have these been my whole life? These are awesome! I am going to order another set in a different color for sure. I use my set specifically for the gym. I use the medium sized one around my shoulders the whole time i work out to wipe sweat. The bigger one for the shower and the smallest one for after the shower when I'm still sweating a bit to keep me dry. I quite frankly i am amazed at the performance of these microfiber towels. These are extremely thin and light weight but dry you better than any regular old towel. I am amazed at how well these soak up the water. I thought about maybe using my next set for drying my car after getting it washed. I think they would be perfect. Anyways i love them. Love, love, love. i don't know how someone couldn't.

Ashton B.
I recently took these towels to Iceland. I usd ...

I recently took these towels to Iceland. I usd them while at a local swimming facility, which had hot 'pots' and a sauna. The towels do dry quickly and I could take the towels with me anywhere as a result of the carry bag. Another feature that makes carrying the towels convenient is the wide elastic loop that is attached to the largest towel and secures the rolled set whether placed in the carry bag or not.

Steve L.
BEST travel and workout towels!!

Quality! I’ve owned other high end travel towels. These exceeded my expectations! I washed them right away (recommend—and advise using a color catching sheet and some white vinegar in the first wash). Machine dried. (Very fast drying, follow manufacturer’s directions) Soft, ideal sizes for a set of towels, and fold then roll into a perfect packable size, banded with the sewn in fabric elastic band. Wow! If you’ve used this type of towels, be mindful they do NOT have a terry cloth-like pile. The fabric allows these to be lightweight, soft to the skin and packable plus quick drying. I got two sets of blue and will be getting more! PS I prefer to travel with my own towels due to a skin sensitivity to chlorine bleach and fragrances often used in commercially washed towels. Been a blessing to find these!

Lance S.
Good for an office towel

I use this towel to keep at my office gym and use it every morning. As people have pointed out, it does bleed on the first wash, but after that it's fine. If you are looking for a cheap camping-style towel for quick-dry, this is a great budget option. A lot of these things are pretty similar, even at the higher price points, so getting 6 towels for a moderately low price is a great deal.
Some reviewers pointed out that there is no snap hook. This is true, so if you want to hang it from a tent pole you might want to look elsewhere. There is a loop for hanging, but it is sewed closed and needs to be slipped over a hook to hang up.

Mike S.
Great option to take in a camper

I got these to take with us in our camper. Wet, traditional towels were too heavy for the stick on towel racks that we added, and take forever to dry. These are very lightweight, even when wet, and dry very quickly. The large towel is big enough for my husband to use without any problems. I got 3 sets in 3 different colors, so everyone has their own set. My only complaint is that the washcloth for the blue set (with green trim) doesn't have a tag for hanging on a hook to dry. It's a small complaint, but when you are trying to maximize efficiency in a small space, it becomes a big annoyance.

Bella B.
Perfect travel towel set

I needed a large towel to use that was both light and that packed small while being super absorbent for my travels. I looked at variety and decided on this one because it took less space in my bag while being large enough for using as a bath towel. I wasn’t too sure if it was going to be absorbent though but I am glad I chose this. I used it throughout my travels and it did the job. I didn’t need extra towels and it dried really quick (overnight) to be packed and ready to go the next day. I am happy with my purchase and recommend it.

Kelly H.
Excellent Feel and Absorbency

Excellent feel. Excellent absorbency. Sizes are okay...but larger than you think you might want. The "case" to carry...nothing worth bragging about but that is not why you should buy these anyway; they fold or roll small enough to go in something you are already carrying or just tuck a small one in your waistband. Have used the gym and sauna and I would recommend them without hesitation at this point.

Sabrina P.
LOVE these towels

LOVE these towels! Great for travel abroad, and I love having the option of three sizes-- there have been some hostels that haven't supplied hand towels in the kitchen, etc. These have been awesome to have, they pack well, dry super fast and are extremely soft once washed. I have also noticed one of the edges fraying but hasn't been drastic yet- I will probably try to reinforce it with a couple of stitches. Will def purchase these again, both as gifts for my more adventurous/well-traveled friends and if/when the seam comes apart, and maybe even as a pool towel for when I return home! I wish they came in more colors!

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Xonique Microfiber Towels | Fast Drying, Super Absorbent & Ultra Soft Towel | 71x142cm