WindHive 200ml USB Mini Cool Mist Portable Humidifier with Night Light

Color: Blue


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Cassy G.
A practical product that worth this price

This product was recommended from a friend of mine. Just like me, she had her first baby two months ago. We talked about parenting and all kind of baby stuff frequently, and sleeping problem came up from our last conversation. It turned out both of our kiddos have been having stuffy nose at night. She told me she ordered one of this humidifier, and it works pretty well on increasing the moist in the air. Not only her baby, but also her sleeps better at night. At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to give it a try because I had bad experience from my old humidifier. It leaked every time I used it, so I eventually trashed it to avoid cleaning up mess every single time. This time, I really took a good amount of time considering before getting a new humidifier because turning on heat makes everything very dry in winter, and it didn't let me down, luckily.

Levi L.

This diffuser is a beast. I purchased 3 different diffusers at one time. This one produces a much stronger mist. Holds much more water. After 5hours, the oils have not lost their scent. I purchased another one for the office. I did NOT receive this product in exchange for a review. I review 90% of the products I purchase online.

Aira C.
Happy with this...

This is my 3rd year- for winter use. I use the cool mist only. I use raw water and I barely have to clean it. It's quiet. It humidifies my bedroom very well.

Eris S.
So Far So Good

So far so good. As a nice amount of mist coming out. It isn’t a quiet as I was hoping but I do like it quite a bit.

Martina C.
super quiet!

this is the 4th humidifier I used. it was recommended by my friend because I cannot sleep with any noise at night. I totally enjoy it which can help combat dry skin and chapped lips. feel much better WHEN I humidify the air, breathe easier and sleep easier as well. high recommend.

Crissy R.
Great humidifier for little ones

This is a great humidifier. This is great for people that has families, especially little ones. I like to put this into my little one’s room to ease him to sleep. I realized that without this product, he tends to have a rougher time sleeping. I love that this isn’t loud at all, you can hardly realize that it’s even on in the first place. That’s how quiet it is! I also freaking lobe the fact that it’s super easy to clean, I’m on the lazier side. So this is absolutely great that it only takes me about 5-10 minute to clean

Carol D.
Works it!

I get so much more rest and sleep at night because of this vaporizer. I normally wake up about every 3 hours during the night because of sleep apnea, dry mouth, and having to go to the bath room. Not anymore. I'm waking up less frequently during the night ,but not with a super dry mouth like I used too. I use it on low setting and have it positioned right behind where I'm sleeping. My pillow or me doesn't get drenched with it being that close because of the extra fine vapor it produces. It seems like just the right amount of moisture to eliminate most of my dry mouth symptoms while not getting the furniture or me wet. I highly recommend anyone that has the same problems as me to try using this or any other similar vaporizer to help you sleep better.

Krisha G.
Great product, strongly recommend

I really like this product, I usually turned my heat up very high when I sleep. My room gets very dry but by using this humidifier, that releases it the dryness. I can't stop using every night now. Great product, strongly recommend.

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