FlexAid 180 Pieces First Aid Kit with Durable and Compact Bag for Home & Outdoors



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Edison F.
Great basic first aid kit

Great basic first aid kit. As a nurse I know it’s important to have a first aid kit for minor accidents. I take this kit with me in my park bag as that’s where most my kids accidents happen like cuts and scrapes and splinters and bonks. A band aid and cold pack do wonders for fixing a child’s owies 😊. I like the size of this kit because it’s easy to throw in my purse. Plus it’s not too big, so items don’t go to waste from not being used. I live in AZ so I thought I’d mention it’s important to not keep this type of item in your car, especially during the hot months because the heat can ruin the items.

Michael S.
Good value for money.

Fully equipped with essentials. Great for every eventuality. Perfect for camping and hiking.

Paul D.V.
Great Emergency RV Kit

We wanted to get an emergency kit for our RV as we plan on doing some traveling and wanted to have some medical supplies if/when we needed something. This is a great variety of items we might need. It's good to know we have a emergency kit with us. Thanks for a great product.

Apple B.
Good value

Bought two of these for my boyfriend who is a contractor. Luckily he hasn’t had to use them yet, but I know he will. They look to be sturdy and full of the essentials.

Jayson J.
Good Little Kit

Just what we needed. Good selection of medical supplies. Great general purpose uses.

Tracy M.
very useful

very useful item you can find everything you need inside, i bring with me in the car .and have another one in my house good quality of items ,price and quality very good advice every one have 1 al most at home

Katie S.
Essentials medical supplies

I just taked my driving licence and I consider is so important to have this first aid kit in my car,this one is so complex,practical and useful,great quality for the amount you pay.

Harvey L.
This is a great first aid kit

This is a great first aid kit! It's got a simi hard case so it doesn't get smushed easy. It has tons of stuff in it!! It will be a great help in any emergency. I keep mine in my car. It has a instetent ice pack even and a small book to help know what to do on some emergencys. So many useful things!

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FlexAid 180 Pieces First Aid Kit with Durable and Compact Bag for Home & Outdoors