GlossCheek Sonic Facial Brush, Cleanser & Massager

Color: Sky Blue


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Erick S.
Works just as well as the expensive Foreo.

I bought this to prove a point to my GF. She paid a hundred and something dollars for Foreo and I switched it with this one and she didn’t notice the difference until I told her. The only difference is the charge only lasts a couple of weeks instead of months so you need to charge more often. As to any rechargeable battery, don’t let the charge be completely empty. Set a reminder on your phone to charge before it completely runs out and the battery will last longer. Save some money and buy this one instead of Foreo.

Claudia G.

This is easy to hold and easy to use. You can turn it on or off from either side so no matter which side you’re using, you don’t have to struggle to turn it off while trying not to get soap in your eyes. You can also change the speed of vibration. It seems to work and is a great price.

Princess Q.
Cheapest electric silicon cleaner I could find

This was the best deal I could find and the product worked perfectly fine. Also, it has a massage function, which you can adjust the volume of the massage. Though I do kinda regret buying this because I didn't really need it since I can just use my hands to wash my face.

Diane W.
Worth every penny

Very surprised. This item is amazing. I was so excited to try this and it did not disappoint. After one use. I can feel a big difference in my skin. Highly recommend.

Marian D.
Works even better than I had hoped!

I actually really like this! I think I’m surprised by how happy I am with it. The silicone bristles are on the surface in 3-4 sizes so that you can orient it to what feels best for your skin in combination with whatever product you’re using. You can also turn up or down the vibration, which really adds to the overall work you’re doing of cleaning your face. My skin feels so soft after using it. This was definitely a good buy!

Barbara J.
Great for deep cleaning your face

This is made of soft silicone and the design allows for different levels of exfoliation so you can change according to what part of the face such as under-eye area. The gentle vibration allows for a really deep clean and I’ve noticed my face feels much cleaner since using and I’ve had fewer breakouts accordingly.

Avery C.
Great product for the price!

This product is great! I love that it is silicone because it makes it easy to clean afterward. I clean it after every wash because I have oily skin that leaves a little residue. I have had this for almost 2 months and have not had to charge it yet which is great. You can use whichever side whether you need to wash or exfoliate with the tougher side. Love it!

Aurora S.
Good exfoliation

I like the exfoliation this brush provides. The vibrations don't really do much and make my head hurt a little. But, I like the fact that I can use the brush with my face cleanser and I don't have to use my hands. So the oils from my hands stay off my face. It exfoliates my face and makes it feel smooth.

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