Oilan Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment for Frizzy and Dry Damaged Hair



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Mariano B.
It gets really frizzy really easily, and I found this stuff to be great ...

I have really thin and curly hair. It gets really frizzy really easily, and I found this stuff to be great for it. It not only makes my hair softer, but it controls the frizz while not making my hair too greasy, which is great because my hair gets greasy really easily

Joanna M.
Good product!

I use this for my hair, which tends to be a little frizzy at times. I apply a small amount of this oil after shampooing, drying, and styling. It leaves my hair smooth and soft. A really good product.

Krisha G.
Leaves your hair really soft

This makes my hair so strong and keeps it from breaking if I use it every day. You only need a pea-size. Sometimes I use more if I put it in my hair before bed to condition it all night and wash my hair the next morning. I can tell a huge difference in my hair after using it for a couple of weeks.
I have very thin fine baby hair and it is so frizzy so I put this in my hair before I blow dry and it actually helps a lot with frizzing. I also put a tiny bit on the ends after I blow dry. It really helps with frizzing.

Levi L.
The ONLY one that I use!!

I've been using this for years. this is the ONLY thing that doesn’t weigh down my hair, yet makes it durable, shiny, and smooth and lasts all day! smells so good too!! cannot live without it.

Aira C.
Makes hair shines and like new.

A little of this goes a long way. I have this same bottle from a year ago and there is still a lot left. Makes hair shines and like new. I think this is what helped my hair from becoming "broom sticky" when I bleached my hair, honestly. Best if used RIGHT after a shower when hair is still a bit wet. No residues, no greasy feeling, and it smells amazing.

Eris S.
Hydration for your hair

I bought a hairdryer and I received this as a sample. Once I used my felt in love and I bought the full bottle.
I used to buy the oil for the Moroccan oil brand but this is way better! It’s making my hair softer and smooth at least 3 times more. The only thing the Moroccan oil has that this doesn’t have is a better smell. Doesn’t have any particular smell, don’t get me wrong

Virginia L.
Lovely scent

I got this hair product because of a sample I received with another purchase.
I love the scent of this oil treatment. I only apply a pearl-size to my hair when it’s a little damp, and mostly to the ends of my hair.
The packaging was smaller than I expected, but it’s fine.
Also, it’s not as oily like other products. It seems oily at first but it gets absorbed to the hair pretty quick

Karla G.
A little goes a long way....

This stuff is great and I love the smell. I suggest after getting out of the shower pour a dab into your hands and rub them together. Then slowly work this from the trips of your hair to the roots. It will make your hair look greasy if you start at the root. Overall, I think this is great for your hair and I hope you guys enjoy it if you purchase it.

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