RoadMX Bike Silicone Band | Multipurpose Straps, Mount Holder

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Steve L.
I feel confident holding my flash light with these!

I just got them and tried fitting my flashlight on my bike, and they seem a lot stronger than you would think (as long as you take care of them they shouldn't break) and they hold my flashlight securely I ride BMX so I'm doing tricks and I feel confident that when I do anything they will hold my flashlight no problem at most the flashlight might jiggle and change angle but u can just move it back in place.

Travis B.
Great and simple little item--very useful

Perfect to hold small items (like a flashlight) on your handlebars, but don't stop there. There's always a market for attaching one thing to another thing more or less temporarily. Very handy.

Chad j.
Valuable thing to own

Using it to mount my solar-powered bike light because the original mount became brittle and broke after years of use. Using these to secure it on my bike for my rides.

Veron L.
Easy to use

Great, easy to use, light mount for your bicycle. I have had it on my bike for a month or so now and rode on some rougher terrain, i.e. gravel road, with no issues. Very happy with this product!

Cherry S.
Great grip and stretches a lot!!

Nice straps. Works fine and stretch amazingly.

Lance S.
Does the job

These work reasonably well. I use them to hold a Doss Bluetooth speaker on my mountain bike handlebar up tube. Carry a spare or two, because they seem to break a little easier. Overall though, a good product. Just take care of stretching them when putting the speaker on and off.

Mike S.
These work a lot better than I expected.

Take an ordinary pocket LED flashlight, and strap it to your bike handlebars with one of these. Presto: a cheap bike headlight that you can leave on the bike or take with you. Easy to swap batteries, or reposition, or move to another bike.
I thought there would be an unacceptable amount of wiggle, but that didn't turn out to be a problem. Just like that, a problem of modern casual biking completely solved.

Ashton B.
Great straps.

Work great holding flashlight on the bicycle and on the golf cart. They seem unbreakable so far. Love em.

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RoadMX Bike Silicone Band | Multipurpose Straps, Mount Holder